Visitor Management System

Our School Management Software’s Gate Pass Module provides a method for controlling and monitoring the institution’s visitor flow. Your institution can keep track of all visitors, therefore avoiding the entrance of illegitimate or undesired individuals.


Student and Visitor Gatepass Management System

Visitor Management is a task in facility management that tracks the usage of a public building or site, managing visitors’ arrival and ensuring they have a great experience when they are at your building. Visitor Management usually involves a multitude of processes that keep visitors and employees safe, secure and in the correct place.

It is capable of keeping track of list of visitors and their personal details for effective service. The visitor’s information will be useful should a problem arise with the institution or a student. Our School ERP will ensure the safety and security of your property.

A visitor management system (VMS) is a solution that allows institutions to streamline and automate their visitor management process, using technology to monitor, track, and record visitor information. The combination of visitor management software, hardware, and databases enables preregistering visitors, effective communication, express check-in, interactive mapping, and efficient visitor management workflows.

Gatepass – Visitor Management

Secure Institute gates

Establish entry points from which guests may access the property.
If this module's permissions are provided to security guards, they will be able to generate visitor passes quickly at the institute's gates.

Create & Design a Gate Pass

Create a gate pass in three easy steps.
Option to upload a visitor's photo.
In addition to the basic information necessary, the Admin may add additional visitor information to the gate pass.

Manage Visitors

Mark the visitor as either a VIP or a member of the Blacklist.
Notate the arrival and departure times of each guest.
Separate visitor categories.
Check the guests who are currently on campus.

Visitor Management Dashboard

Visitor Management System – FAQ’s

You just need to generate each visitor's pass once. After the second visit, you may get all of his information by just entering his cellphone number.
You may either create a new guest (if they are not already in the system) or locate them on the visitor list. You will be given the choice to add him to a blacklist.
Simply choose the date range on the dashboard to get a list of visitors between the specified dates.
On the dashboard, you may search for a specific visitor by his name to get a record of all his visits.