Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Services

24/7 monitoring of databases, networks, platforms, and logs.
Detect and detect sophisticated data threats. Automate end-to-end database security warning generating and response plan.


24/7 Monitoring, Detection, and Management of Data Risks inside Enterprise Databases

During any cyberattack on private information, the attackers attempt to disrupt the current organizational access patterns or basic security controls prior to releasing the actual malicious software. Due to this, business perimeters and databases are always at danger, and any assault will no longer be limited to anti-malware or firewall measures. Consequently, it is essential to work on more robust database defences and security solutions while retaining the privacy and quality of the end-user experience while accessing apps operating on top of the databases. Database Activity Monitoring comes into play at this point.

Database Activity Monitoring assures near-zero eventual breaches and no failure of data operations, constructing a secure architecture to evaluate in real-time and avoid incoming assaults even before they may do actual harm. The solutions respond swiftly in recognising events and mitigating them with no service interruptions. An ideal database monitoring system will not only give out alarm alerts, but will also identify the core cause of problems and initiate integrated reaction and resolution options. Given that database monitoring is vital and needs a highly qualified personnel, businesses are increasingly relying on third-party suppliers and cloud-based managed services.

Fully Managed Database Activity Monitoring Is Where CDWT Comes In

As a pioneer in the provision of end-to-end managed security services, CDWT manages and monitors your mission-critical databases across numerous IT environments, platforms, remote ecosystems, and cloud architectures with ease, hence ensuring zero friction data continuity. The Managed Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) Service from CDWT is comprised of tight administration, governance, and real-time monitoring of database activity for possible abuse, distorted behavioural intentions, data leakages, and external threats or data penetration occurrences.

DAM Agent provisioning, deployment, tuning, and policy-based adjustments (including per-DB instance as required), as well as software and hardware upgrades, are among the general capabilities. Comprehensive monitoring operations include the collection, storage, audit reporting, and communication of detected DAM security events to the Customer. The system allows cutting-edge reporting and analysis capabilities through CDWT’s Customer Service Portal and other platforms. Modeled as a single, cost-effective service, it is a comprehensive solution for database monitoring, threat analysis, and alerting. Prevent data breach occurrences 24 hours a day, seven days a week with powerful tools and cloud-native apps.

DAM: General Observational Parameters

CPU Utilization

Memory Access

Integration and Connection Statistics

Buffer Cache

Query Performances

Ressource Groups

User Sessions and Availability

Deadlock Details

User and System Errors

Key Vault

Behavior Analysis of Users

Data Leakage Points

Enterprise Advantages of CDWT Database Activity Monitoring Services

Enterprises will be able to manage a huge number of databases using Database Activity Monitoring. The Database Activity Monitoring will offer a comprehensive view of the rights granted to each participant. The Database Activity Monitoring aids in the management of databases, therefore saving time and providing a comprehensive perspective of databases.
Database Activity Monitoring aids businesses in identifying abnormalities that do not explicitly violate rules. Due to the created alerts and reporting tools, any event may be rapidly discovered using Database Activity Monitoring. This eliminates the need for the administrator to manually examine log files. Database Activity Monitoring ensures the detection of any departure from regular activity, hence facilitating the identification of possible security breaches.
With Database Activity Monitoring, businesses will be able to monitor sensitive data by scanning databases. Typically, businesses have so much data that it is difficult to identify and classify which data is sensitive. As part of Database Activity Monitoring, each column and row is analysed to determine the location of sensitive data. It enables businesses to have more control over their databases since they are aware of where sensitive data is kept.
Database Activity Monitoring plays an important function in the enterprise's overall data governance and management. The latter comprises the finalisation and deployment of cutting-edge platforms, tools, services, and frameworks to guarantee that a company's data architecture and dataflows stay healthy, threat-resistant, compliant, and uninterrupted. Guided by a professional team of data assessors and database specialists, database activity monitoring systems enable a company to scan its current information bases around-the-clock, uncover latent hazards, and automate the issuance of warnings for real-time data protection.
Database Activity Monitoring enables businesses to comply with SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and other compliance laws. It aids businesses in understanding the consumption patterns of database activity and assists system administrators with timely reviews. In the event of an assault, it will aid in locating the issue. With Database Activity Monitoring, businesses will be able to monitor inactive and active users, as well as any other irregularities.
The integration possibilities of Database activity monitoring with an organization's advanced threat management stack constitute a significant portion of its functionality. The latter might include SIEM, SOAR, XDR, Threat Intelligence, Cloud Security Solutions, Advanced Threat Protection, and other technologies. Consequently, when the DAM platform monitors databases and logs in real-time and recognises an anomaly triggering an alert, an appropriate threat investigation and response plan might be conducted quicker than previously to limit and mitigate the risk.
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The Perfect DAM System Checklist

  • Utilize no more than 1 to 3 percent of CPU and disc resources.
  • Continuous, Real-Time Data Workload Monitoring
  • Issues Fast Connection Resets
  • Utilizes a minimal amount of network bandwidth
  • User-Friendly Troubleshooting Interface
  • No unneeded object instals or downloads are permitted.
  • Should not modify current database setups
  • Not requiring host system restarts
  • No database user credentials are required for monitoring activation.
  • Will not alter data file systems

Fully Managed Database Activity Monitoring Services from CDWT

DAM gives complete insight into database user activity and may provide warnings or halt questionable operations based on standard vPatch rules and user-defined rules. It also has prevention, cluster support, interaction with other parties, and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Database Security

Prevention of database penetration, data theft, and other assaults. DAM is a single, non-intrusive system that leverages memory-based sensors to identify threats.

Identification & Management of Threats

It is possible to enable high-risk violations to automatically terminate suspect sessions and confine malicious users, giving the security team time to analyze the breach.

Customized Security Measures

DAM allows the creation of rule-based custom policies for database users/queries and database objects.

Virtual Patch Updates

Regular virtual patching updates safeguard sensitive data from newly identified vulnerabilities until a patch is produced by the database vendor and implemented. The modifications may be done with no downtime for the database.

Audit Log

For auditing reasons, access to sensitive data, including entire transaction details, may be documented.

External Management Tools

With external management tools, you have access to closed-loop integration, which aids in SQL database update tracking. Track administrative work and provide management reports.

Pre-defined Policies

It provides predefined PCI, SOX, and other compliance, data regulatory, and data governance rules.

Advanced Monitoring Equipment

Obtain access to Database Monitoring tools such as DML, DDL, and DCL for logging SQL transactions. This is possible without using local database logs.

Access Authorization & Administration

Ensures that the service account will have database access from the specified IP source. This assists in spotting breaches of a service account that often originate from the system.

Information Accuracy Maintenance

Identify and provide a single view of location, volume, and data on-premises and in the cloud. It helps distinguish data according to the degree of security and personal information.

Continuous Dataflows

Database Activity Monitoring, in a larger sense, enables the automated inspection of all databases and their related connections, platforms, and assets, as well as the reporting of any functional shifts or anomalies. This helps to avoid disturbances in dataflow.

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Why Should You Partner with CDWT for Your Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) and Security Requirements?

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Considerable threat management knowledge in protecting big and complex settings and using the sophisticated features of industry-leading technologies and Cloud-Native Security products.

Expertise in building and administering comprehensive SIEM - assisting organisations in proactively assessing vulnerabilities and automating and accelerating incident response.

Database Activity Monitoring – FAQ’s

Enterprises utilize Database Activities Monitoring to monitor and examine database activity. Database Activity Monitoring may be a mix of network-based monitoring and native audit information to offer a comprehensive view of the database.
Monitoring Database Activity involves identifying, observing, and maintaining database activity. Using real-time technology, the DAM technologies guarantee that all operations are independently monitored without depending on audits or records.
Monitoring Database Activity involves identifying, observing, and maintaining database activity. Using real-time technology, the DAM technologies guarantee that all operations are independently monitored without depending on audits or records.