Digital Transformation for Financial Services Businesses

The financial services sector’s operating efficiencies and revenue growth are being impacted by market changes, technology advancements, and increased regulatory and investor scrutiny. Financial institutions must use next-generation technologies to deliver high-quality services to their clients if they are to succeed in this intensely difficult and competitive climate.

The Financial domain competency group (DCG) at CDWT has extensive expertise testing Fintech applications that span the Capital Markets spectrum and include sophisticated Order Management Systems linked to Smart Order Routers and complex Execution Management Systems. This enables you to continually provide your clients with the finest user experience. Additionally, the array of unique tools, reusable artefacts, and automation framework offered by CDWT can have a considerable beneficial influence on your time-to-market.

Testing Services Portfolio from CDWT for FinTech Businesses

The CDWT DCG team is made up of subject matter specialists with knowledge of various financial products, including equity, derivatives, commodities, currencies, etc. CDWT has created a portfolio of testing services in the following areas by drawing on its extensive experience:

End-to-end testing of Front, Middle, and Back Office industry standard platforms and applications from top technology suppliers.
assisting clients with regulatory compliance that affects your business models, such as MIFID II, RegNMS, and SEC/SEBI.
testing for failover and recovery, fixing client certifications, and performance testing.
Financial Services app latency and availability monitoring.
Integration testing that guarantees the smooth operation of workflows spanned across multivariate products.

Financial Domain Expertise & Benefits


Financial Services & Banking Domain Experts


Fortune 500 Banking clients


Finance domain specific Accelerators


Active clients with multiyear contracts


Banking and Financial Services Clients

CBS & Compliance

Support for FS Regulations

Testing Lending Domain Expertise

The CDWT team offers testing services, tools, and technical expertise to the following numerous sub-segments of the mortgage market because it has in-depth domain knowledge of the procedures and governance of the mortgage market:
Product Types
  • Auto
  • Home
  • Small Business
  • Asset Finance
Transaction Services
  • ECS/ACH/Wire Remittances
  • PDC/Check Clearing & Settlement
  • POS Terminals
  • Card Systems & Transactions
External Interfaces
  • Credit Scores
  • Collateral and Limits
  • Exchange Rates
  • Document Management System
  • Interest & Fees
  • Mobile
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • POS & Branch Banking
  • Temenos
  • Finacle
  • FlexCube
  • Finnone & Fiserv
  • Exeter Finance Corp
  • New Penn Financial
  • Synovus
  • Altisource & Ezcorp

Domain Competency Group for Financial Services at CDWT

The focus of CDWT’s dedicated FinTech DCG is on testing sophisticated real-time applications. The capital market initiatives of CDWT are overseen by subject-matter and technological specialists, with a team of top-tier professionals at their side. In addition to exchange trading applications, order management systems, execution management systems, dark pool applications, risk management applications, back office systems, and third-party vendor applications, CDWT resources have experience providing QA and testing services for these applications.

CDWT’s Finance DCG’s key areas of focus are:

Asset Management
Compliance & Regulations
Investment Banking
Wealth Management