Learning Management System (LMS)

SmartEducation Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web-based technology used to plan, implement and assess a specific learning process. It is used for eLearning practices and, in its most common form, consists of two elements: a server that performs the base functionality and a user interface that is operated by instructors, students and administrators.

A contemporary, comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) , Pocket Study:

Learning Management Systems are becoming a fundamental component of all educational endeavours. Everyone, from individual coaches/teachers to huge schools or educational campuses, want to deploy a contemporary LMS.

Pocket Study is a contemporary, mobile-first LMS that is part of the SmartEducation ecosystem. It is created with simplicity, a mobile-first approach, and a dynamic environment in mind to provide the next level of teaching and learning.

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Smart Features Learning Management System (Pocket Study)

It is developed with instructors’ demands for speedy and structured information sharing in mind, providing them with the next level of efficiency and productivity. It is a mixed platform where content exchange and live courses may be conducted effectively. It has a contemporary assignment module with an integrated grading and reporting system. The online exam is a vital component of the Learning Management System, which is meant to provide an effective interactive experience for evaluating performance and identifying learning gaps.


Audio Flashcards

Teachers may build audio courses with reference visuals and brief information using audio flashcards. This is a novel method of education based on podcasting. Compared to other types of content development, the generation of audio 

flashcards is rather simple. It becomes very useful for areas where listening is the major learning paradigm. It is being used for the creation of brief audio notes that may be utilised for subject review. It functions as a music player. Students may increase their education by listening.

Video Sharing:

Sharing Learning Videos is a crucial component of using a Learning Management System for successful learning on a technological platform. Pocket Study facilitates the sharing of educational films available on YouTube, Vimeo, vdoCipher

or self-hosted servers. Teachers contribute tens of thousands of instructional videos every month on the site. Students study at their own convenience and pace. For students who missed lessons or struggled to comprehend the content, a collection of real and selected learning films may serve as a valuable resource. It becomes the destination for modifications. Teachers are using various video sharing formats to provide students with engaging learning opportunities.

Material Sharing:

Teachers may exchange learning materials and papers using a digital library of learning resources that is structured and efficient. Through the use of effective filters, students are able to access subject/topic-specific information. Teachers

may turn handwritten or typed information into functional PDF documents, which they can then share with students through the platform.


Live Classes:

It is becoming commonplace to conduct live online courses. In order for an educational institution to properly maintain data records and conduct data analysis, however, it is essential that this functionality be included into the Learning

Management System. The Pocket Study platform integrates with Zoom to provide live lessons. Additionally, we have our own live class platform that schools and institutions may use to hold live lessons. Using free Zoom or another platform makes it impossible to communicate class schedules and manage attendance statistics. Understanding the development of live courses throughout the company requires a great deal of manual labour from management. Through Pocket Study, not only does it become easier for instructors to utilise, but also for students and parents to obtain class schedules and attend them successfully.


Online Tests:

In addition to material sharing and live lectures, online testing is also crucial for efficient online education. It is a vital aspect of learning activities even when the classroom is physically functioning. Prior to COVID, the majority of schools

used physical paper. Due to the efficiency of online tests, they are gaining popularity across all school types and private coaching. Our technology provides the possibility to produce exams from question databases. A PDF document may be used to share questions, making it simple to build a test in under two minutes.


Assignments :

Teachers must create assignments with submission deadlines and delivery formats in order to conduct successful evaluations of assignment performance. Having it as a component of the LMS makes it exceedingly simple and productive

The Pocket Study assignment module is coupled with the progress report module, allowing assignment grades to be mapped for the generation of monthly/quarterly/semi-annual, etc. reports. After the implementation of COVID, educational institutions are increasingly using apps to collect homework.

In addition to these primary capabilities, Pocket Study Learning Management Solution delivers data analysis on students’ platform-based learning activities. As a mobile-first LMS, it is convenient for all parties involved. Please contact us for a comprehensive demonstration of the platform.