Hyperautomation With CDWT

A Turnkey Single-Party Solution for End-to-End Process Transformation


Hyperautomation Overview

Numerous businesses throughout the world have used automation to automate manual, normal, and repetitive labour. To gain meaningful outcomes and expedite digital transformation, organisations must move beyond the automation of siloed activities utilising solely automation technology, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). While RPA can certainly help automate routine, stable processes, there are often processes that are complex and involve unstructured data and require intelligent automated decision-making. Enterprises need to come up with a holistic strategy and choose additional complementary technologies along with RPA, that enable end-to-end intelligent process automation.Enterprises must devise a comprehensive plan and choose other complimentary technologies that allow end-to-end intelligent process automation, in addition to RPA. Enterprises must adopt a well-packaged solution, such as Hyperautomation, that combines Robotic Process Automation with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), process analytics, process mining, and ingestion engines, among others, to achieve end-to-end process transformations.

Gartner identifies hyperautomation as one of the top strategic technology trends for 2021.

With CDWT’s turnkey hyperautomation solution, you can uncover the appropriate business processes for automation, collect data from even unstructured sources, automate difficult operations, and strategically expand automation throughout your organisation, among other capabilities. With their experience in process analytics and automation, our certified automation specialists have assisted a variety of firms in automating essential operations and transforming their businesses.

Curious in what Hyperautomation and CDWT can achieve for your company?

Why is Hyperautomation so significant?

In this post-pandemic environment, businesses are eager to increase their automation initiatives in order to become more nimble, efficient, and robust. According to the HFS 2020 study Coping with COVID-19, Covid-19 has resulted to a 55 percent increase in corporate automation expenditures. Despite the fact that COVID-19 has sped digital transformation, siloed automation systems continue to fall short of consumer expectations.

Hyperautomation, also known as Intelligent Process Automation or Digital Process Automation, has emerged as the logical choice for executives seeking integrated solutions to enable end-to-end process transformation, boost productivity, and reduce operating costs.

Companies with an enterprise-wide automation plan that integrates analytics and intelligence claim greater returns in terms of increased labour capacity, cost savings, and revenue growth.

Why Join Forces with CDWT?

CDWT is a prominent supplier of automation solutions and services. With our in-depth domain knowledge and automation experience, we’ve created frameworks and implementation techniques that have assisted several enterprises in scaling their automation solutions with ease and accelerating their time-to-value.

Our turnkey, cost-effective, and single-partner solution will not only assist enterprises in achieving end-to-end process transformation, but will also substantially decrease their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We use disruptive technologies such as RPA, process analytics, process mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to extract insights from your existing business processes, discover influential processes, install automations, and manage processes and robots.

Benefits of Hyperautomation

Using process maps, provides a full perspective of processes.

Using our document processing engines, aids in extracting information from even unstructured material.

Utilizes AI and Machine Learning to allow end-to-end process automation and speed the transformation of complicated processes.

Allows businesses to scale automation and improves business resiliency.

Increases revenues and decreases capital and operational expenses.

Components Central to Our Hyperautomation Suite

To automate everything and grow your automation activities throughout the organisation, you would need a full suite/platform such as ours, which comprises Document Ingestion Engine, Process Analytics Solution, Robotic Process Automation, and more.

Extract vast quantities of data from many sources
Transform unstructured data into structured ones.
Validate data gathered from different sources using our clever document processing engine.
Eliminate the potential of manual mistakes
Integrate extracted data with current business processes and upload/update extracted data
Visualize the whole process map and the pathways followed by each process.
Determine processes, patterns, trends, and deviations
Define and configure Key Performance Indicators and detect process deviations/inefficiencies affecting the KPIs.
Gain valuable insight into your automated operations and enhance business results
Find fresh automation possibilities
After automation, monitor KPIs and look for improvements.
Automate both routine/laborious and cognitive processes.
Utilize reusable items, optimise robotics, and enhance productivity.
Integrate current enterprise systems
Test and deploy bespoke bots.
Find fresh automation possibilities
Enable quicker and more precise end-to-end process automation with the assistance of our RPA Center of Excellence.

Our Methodology Consultation, Deployment, and Managed Services

Our range of end-to-end services specialises in offering strong and reusable Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, whether for analysing automation feasibility, administering RPA bots, or a variety of other purposes.

1. Discover & Advice
  • Understand business user needs
  • Determine or discover end-to-end procedures for automation
  • Assess processes and develop a plan
  • Provide the optimal structure, deployment, and engagement model.
  • Install necessary tools and construct a Proof of Concept (POC)
2. Optimize & Implement
  • Using AI-enabled decision making, rectify inefficient procedures.
  • Using organised and standard data inputs, optimise and improve processes.
  • Build intelligent and scalable automation with Ingestion Engines and RPA.
  • Continuous modification and self-learning
3. Run & Manage
  • Deploy automation at enterprise scale
  • Securely execute the automated procedure
  • Ensure that they are operating correctly and around-the-clock with the aid of our managed services.
  • Provide Implementation help and resolve any difficulties
4. Govern & Measure
  • Utilizing dashboards, reports, and metrics set for each of the processes, ROI may be measured and tracked.
  • Monitor and maintain RPA robots and assure their operation around-the-clock.
  • Implement Change Management and execute Upgrades as Necessary
Explore & Experience Our All-In-One Platform For Automation And Accelerate Your Digital Process Automation

CDWT Process Automation Advantage

CDWT Process Automation
Traditional Offerings
Entire end-to-end processes
Piecemeal, task-focused
Complete process visibility
Aligns with business outcomes
Unclear business benefits
Technology Partners
Single partner
Multiple technology partners
Complete solution tailored to the use case
Onus on the customer to stitch the solution together
RPA Use cases
Ideal opportunities for RPA identified through process analytics.
Opportunities for automation identified through ad hoc subjective methods
Managed Services
Ongoing managed services
Across different roles in the organization.
Only the process owner
Our process analytics, AI, ML, RPA, IDP tools
Restricted to RPA alone

Impact with Distinction: Why Choose Hyperautomation from CDWT?

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Hyperautomation – FAQ’s

Hyperautomation is the use of RPA and disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, natural language processing (NLP), decision management, document ingestion engine, or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool, to achieve true end-to-end automation.
You might start by establishing your improvement goals and evaluating the business-sense of the choice to implement a hyperautomation approach. Among the desired business benefits are a quantifiably enhanced customer experience, greater revenues, lower expenses, and enhanced productivity. Once the reason from a business-results viewpoint has been elucidated, the path to adoption becomes evident.
These are the primary obstacles to the success of Hyperautomation:

Insufficient data-ingestion mechanisms for unstructured data.

The data quantities required for AI training

Lack of internal expertise to comprehend the technology and implement it across the firm.
The AI would be the solution's driving force. However, it depends on training data in order to enhance and optimise its findings. It is anticipated to eventually produce accurate findings.
You may assist your firm prepare for process transformation by partnering with CDWT, which offers domain-specific expertise and subject matter knowledge. CDWT is prepared to assist you in familiarising your personnel with automation and artificial intelligence technology.
By articulating the reasoning and linking the technology to the desired business goals, you will have already assured a seamless transition. Additionally, you may urge your workers to get acquainted with the technology. Additionally, you may collaborate with skilled automation service providers, such as CDWT, who can support your hyperautomation endeavours.