Smart DevOps designed and Implemented on the AWS Cloud: CDWT brings Performance and Efficiency Together

CDWT enables organizations to build and deliver products faster through a set of flexible, automated, and intelligent solutions and services that are a part of its DevOps-as-a-Service practice. Provisioning, managing infrastructure, deploying application code, and automating software release procedures are eased using these services. Modernize the whole development environment in the cloud, enhance SDLC processes with AWS provided automation tools, implement security by design at every stage, eliminate production and operational inefficiencies, and deploy creative solutions with ease. Adopt a cloud-native DevOps mind-set to realize the true benefits of agile, pan-organization

After embracing DevOps

83% increase in deployment frequency


integration and continuous delivery are included in 38% of DevOps installations, since it has been shown to cut the time required for developing and delivering applications.


deploy many times each day, once per day, or once per few days, up from 45% the previous year.

Why should you use CDWT's AWS DevOps Consulting Services?

DevOps brings a new speed to the software development lifecycle (SDLC) by expediting planning and execution to meet industry-required deadlines. CDWT brings hands-on experience in building and deploying AWS CloudFormation templates and CI/CD pipelines that build and deploy applications on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), serverless applications, and container-based applications. You may work with our DevOps Center of Excellence prior to taking the leap to explore multi-pipeline processes and pipelines that deploy to different environments.

Our comprehensive array of DevOps services can assist you in selecting the appropriate adoption approach, tools, and capabilities. DevOps fits the mission at a crucial juncture as the world's top application-focused cloud MSP, CDWT. Migrate, update, and manage all development workloads and the full Software Development Lifecycle on the AWS cloud, bolster the experience with CDWT's unique partner solutions, and achieve maximum agility and scalability at little cost. We are able to assist you with every aspect of the AWS DevOps installation process due to our team of over 900 professionals.

Our Full-stack Capabilities: CDWTEnd-to-end DevOps on AWS Services

We provide businesses a discovery workshop of AWS DevOps processes, IT infrastructure, and application lifecycle that identifies performance optimization improvement opportunities. In addition to the audit and maturity assessment, the consulting services also cover architectural advice, AWS DevOps coaching, and enablement as part of a comprehensive plan for retooling the approach.

CDWT’s comprehensive AWS DevOps portfolio begins with infrastructure management and configuration management, where the Infrastructure as a Code (IaC) methodology enables DevOps developers to create apps and deploy environments quickly, reliably, and at scale.
We help you establish your delivery pipeline, link DevOps tools, orchestrate and automate your CI-CD pipelines, and manage continuous integration and deployment procedures across many environments. By deploying monitoring solutions, it is possible to convert and display acquired data for the purpose of generating business effect.

Microservices are used by the internet-based ecosystem due of their scalability. This paradigm change necessitates whole new approaches and implementations. Our specialists can assist a business in determining the optimal Application Architecture Strategy, together with the appropriate DevOps tools on the AWS Cloud and support to simplify microservices administration.

Implement automation to expedite your software development lifecycle on a scale never before seen. We assist you in establishing a CI/CD pipeline for end-to-end AWS cloud deployment. CDWT provides scalable and cost-optimized infrastructure as well as DevOps on AWS procedures for Microservices-based applications by using next-generation Containerization and Management. We reduce the danger and ambiguity involved with Microservices administration.

Numerous enterprises use hybrid clouds, which include public, private, and on-premises data centres. Nonetheless, the trend toward hyperscale public clouds such as AWS continues to increase. While cloud infrastructure is not required for DevOps adoption, it offers apps with flexibility, toolsets, and scalability.

As an end-to-end DevOps service provider, we recommend integrating security into your entire development life cycle. Through DevSecOps, a philosophy that provides better visibility, insights, and feedback on potential threats, we help our partners determine their risk tolerance and required level of security controls for a given app.
We conduct a comprehensive security evaluation and tailor protection depending on the sensitivity of your organization's assets and the likelihood of potential attacks. We provide automatic security tests and monitoring capabilities to guarantee minimum disturbances to the development process of your DevOps workers. In addition, onboard cutting-edge AWS native security capabilities for monitoring code, detecting mistakes and security vulnerabilities, SAST-DAST and VAPT analysis, and more. Ensure that your code is compliant against the most severe known and undiscovered dangers.

Our Site Reliability Engineering professionals have extensive knowledge in documenting and analysing data, as well as analysing potential hazards and remedies for them. We improve software delivery cycles by using sophisticated automation and minimising the proportion of manual work performed by Ops teams. We offer round-the-clock assistance, adhere to tight SLAs, and enhance productivity by standardising processes and automating playbooks.

Snapshot: CDWT DevOps Practice

Plan, Code & Track

Build and Test



CDWT's DevOps services aid businesses by analyzing their needs and generating code utilizing cutting-edge technology. Our team pushes updated code to the version control system in accordance with best practices for Continuous Integration.

Companies may now build constantly from the most up-to-date code contributed to the version control system, while test cases are imported and run by testing tools. Using automated test engines, the most recent builds are tested as part of continuous testing.

Through continuous delivery processes, each change is deployable once tested and confirmed. Continuous Deployment automates the whole process from code commit to production. The deployment procedure continually generates files for target environments, which are generated by a range of virtualization and containerization technologies.

By automating infrastructure management, our solutions expedite and safeguard the delivery of software. We conduct continuous monitoring utilizing industry-leading monitoring technologies and data analytics that enable businesses to see events and get real-time notifications.

Why Should Your DevOps Environment be Transformed on the AWS Cloud?

The beauty of adopting a modernised DevOps environment in the cloud is the ability to use the latter's comprehensive portfolio of automation tools to cover each step of the Software development lifecycle: create, store, test, deploy, and operate. Enhance processes and reduce mistakes with intelligent CI/CD pipelines, code monitoring, code build helpers, etc. Utilize comprehensive libraries, platforms, and low-code solutions to expedite development. Implement efficient, automated auditing of procedures and codes for continual improvement.

Rapid innovation and execution are essential for enhancing customer satisfaction and avoiding falling behind in meeting a large number of requests. With the use of AWS DevOps technologies, items are brought to market more quickly via automated testing. Our customers have achieved up to a 50 percent boost in time to market via faster software delivery.

DevOps deployment requires frequent delivery cycles and little recovery time. CDWT DevOps fosters an atmosphere of constant innovation and learning. You may improve performance, deployment times, and expenditures with this. With the aid of automation, integration, and continuous measurement, we assist you in attaining the required business operations velocity.

Manage your DevOps setups on numerous instances. Effortlessly scale up depending on goals. Simplify and change the provisioning, setup, and scalability of cloud-based development environments. Implement the foundations for a flexible company using DevOps on the AWS Cloud.

Customize your DevOps environment depending on the aims, demands, and operational requirements of your solution. For optimum advantages, model and provision AWS cloud resources across processes in a seamless manner. Utilize simple command lines to find and install AWS tools

CDWT acknowledges that creating a cost-effective, high-performance DevOps infrastructure in the cloud may be challenging. All of CDWT's AIOps-powered, end-to-end managed operations aid in the modernization and administration of the DevOps environment across the Software Development Lifecycle.

CDWT's DevOps technique focuses on fostering a collaborative environment in which there is no place for adjustments, revisions, or departmental conflicts. We guarantee that code review and cooperation are integral to the development process. It facilitates the exchange of work, modifications, and review comments across internal and external teams. By establishing an inclusive value stream, we improve cooperation inside and outside IT.

Through continuous integration and delivery techniques, the CDWT team assures functional, secure, and high-quality output. Delivery on time improves customer happiness. It is vital for generating sales and maintaining a good reputation on the market. Greater developer productivity results in greater operational dependability, a critical driver for corporate expansion.

Security is an integral aspect of the software development process. The CDWT DevOps approach provides a high degree of security and compliance with industry standards. Utilizing industry-leading tools and technologies, CDWT offers security by employing Continuous Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) scans, SAST-DAST, CI-CD Security, and more. Implement Security by Design by integrating DevSecOps into the Software Development Lifecycle without fail.

Automated cloud-native solutions and technologies enable companies to have more control over their development environments, processes, and deliverables via a single pane of glass. Ensure seamless compliance of created solutions with national and international rules and standards. Reduce risk at every point to adopt a simplified operating environment.

Realizing Agility via Planning: A DevOps-as-a-Service solution built on the AWS Cloud.

Integrating powerful cloud-native tools and solutions that handle, automate, and administrate every aspect of the software/code lifecycle (Build, Store, Test, Deploy, and Run), CDWT applies the finest DevOps principles powered by the AWS Cloud. Integrate your software development and operations lifecycles easily on the AWS cloud with CDWT for comprehensive modernization: Infra-as-code, containerization, automated testing, CI-CD Pipelines, and more. Prepare for unparalleled agility, scalability, and the most effective recipe for accelerating product launch schedules.

The DevOps Process

Acceptance of the DevOps culture has allowed a collaborative approach between enterprise-level software development and infrastructure operations teams. Every team member is equally accountable for each project from its conception to completion. DevOps teams may increase product quality in a shorter period of time as a result of quicker feedback and response. Streamline your IT using best practises and automation technologies for a fluid workflow in accordance with the DevOps philosophy. Click Here to View a Sample of Our DevOps Process

Best DevOps Practices

Implementing DevOps might be difficult due to a company's vast size, complicated operating processes, and geographical dispersion. Commitment from the organization, sophisticated automation technologies, and the proper cloud architecture all contribute to a simpler and quicker transition. Implement end-to-end DevOps beginning with strategy and roadmap workshops, maturity assessments, and approved reference designs to ensure smooth application delivery.

The DevOps Technology

Agile development and efficient use of AWS DevOps technologies have unquestionably accelerated the time to market for software and apps. The automation of manual operations has enabled businesses to react more quickly, reduce process bottlenecks, and keep up with the ever-changing corporate environment. By using deployment tools, templates, and accelerators, products may be brought to market more quickly and with greater quality. Configure third-party automation servers to provide continuous integration and delivery.

Identifying the Engagement Models: DevOps on AWS

To facilitate your AWS DevOps journey, CDWT provides adaptable interaction models depending on your needs:

DevOps As A Service

A platform- and tool-agnostic solution with services accessible on a variety of platforms (Dedicated, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) using a wide array of DevOps platforms and tools. This is great for firms who need to automate their infrastructure and build CI/CD procedures.

DevOps Maintenance Plan

CDWT engages with your teams to deploy changes to your environment, including the provision of expert counsel and the management of infrastructure automation and CI/CD configuration change implementations. This strategy is suitable for firms who need continuous maintenance for their infrastructure automation and CI/CD projects but are unwilling to invest internally in the necessary knowledge.

Automate. Administer. Advance: CDWT AWS Cloud Security Adoption Framework





  • Implement demand management and financial management strategies.
  • Communicate the business benefits of DevOps.

  • Plan for capacity, availability, and data security.
  • Define a DevOps organisational structure.
  • Create OLAs and SLAs.

  • Instruct and integrate DevOps teams.
  • Utilize agile methodologies.
  • Utilize the needed DevOps tools.
  • Define the procedures for modification, release, and testing.

  • Implement procedures for incident, issue, knowledge, and event management.
  • Establish a perpetual improvement model.

CDWT DevOps Toolkit Expertise

CDWT is one of the most prominent DevOps service providers and an AWS Consulting Partner. Utilizing the greatest DevOps technologies, CDWT has aided tens of thousands of enterprises across the world in their cloud transition journey. Whether it is a greenfield Cloud/Multi-cloud environment with Continuous Integration and Delivery procedures or the introduction of automation into an existing environment, CDWT’s certified cloud specialists and DevOps technologies will assist you in enhancing your cloud-based modernised DevOps capabilities.

Software Development


Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery


Log Management


Load Testing

Build Systems


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How can we plan and implement a contemporary DevOps environment driven by AWS cloud and its robust native solution ecosystem?

DevSecOps on AWS

Utilizing AWS tools and services to implement security by design inside a DevOps context.

DevSecOps on AWS

Utilizing AWS tools and services to implement security by design inside a DevOps context.

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Combine the advantages of both worlds. Enhance your development processes with cutting-edge AWS Cloud technologies.

Significance of DevOps for Faster Release Cycles

Utilize DevOps on AWS technologies to improve your production workflows and reduce time-to-market.

What Makes CDWT a Leading Provider of AWS DevOps Services?

Global Recognition

  • Advanced Consulting partner servicing clients throughout APAC, EMEA, and the Americas for over a decade.
  • 4000+ transformation stories in 26 countries, including 60 Fortune 500 firms.
  • Managed Operations Powered End-to-End by AIOps
  • Specific DevOps-as-a-Service procedures

Highest Uptime

Leverage the power of automation to maintain a better uptime for development and operations and to assure client dependability.

  • Reduce Engineer Attrition
  • Effective Administration of System Alerts
  • Superior Agility and Speed

Reduced Market Time

Our DevOps team will assist you in increasing the success rate of deployments by using efficient techniques.

  • DevSecOps enabled CI-CD pipelines
  • Automation of Infrastructure with Zero Touch
  • Automated Configuration of Software encompassing observability
  • Acceleration of Bots in Various Phases of the CI/CD Pipeline

Containerization Improves Scalability and Independence

Our DevOps strategies are centred on removing the risks and ambiguities associated with microservices management.

  • Strategy Definition for Microservices
  • Services of Container Orchestration Management
  • Scalable, cost-optimized Infrastructure
  • Cloud-agnostic Setup

Safe and Cost-Effective CloudOps

Our DevOps team assists you in harnessing the full potential of the cloud with a security-first approach and at a reasonable price.

  • CloudOps Concentrated on Security
  • Automated Infra Construction for Cost Reduction
  • Topology of Automated Build and Deployment
  • Instrumentation to Facilitate Observability
  • Monitoring Applications Continuously

MultiCloud DevOps

With Infra, Database, and Application modernisation, complex multi-cloud settings need full-spectrum DevOps to power the CI/CD pipelines spanning hybrid virtualization, containerization, and serverless fabric architectures.

  • Comprehensive DevOps to power the CI/CD pipelines.
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS component CI/CD
  • Infrastructures for comprehensive multi-cloud DevOps workflows

FAQs – AWS DevOps

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practises, and tools that increases an organization's ability to deliver applications and services at a brisk pace: evolving and improving products at a faster rate than organisations employing conventional software development and infrastructure management processes.

DevOps on AWS will allow users to leverage AWS services to build, store and deploy applications, as well as configuration management tools such as Chef.
Agile enables increased development efficiency and implementation speed. In contrast, DevOps blends agile development methods with operational routines to achieve enterprise-wide productivity.
Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Infrastructure as Code, Monitoring and Logging, Agile Collaboration, etc. are fundamental components of the AWS DevOps lifecycle. Each section is essential for maximising the advantages of adopting the DevOps methodology on the AWS cloud.