Domain Competency Group for Quality Engineering & Software Testing

A few business critical challenges/hurdles in the growth of the shifting airline landscape are cost pressure, systems safety and performance, continuous innovation and updates, increasing consumer expectations, & growing focus on customer experience that requires continuous investment on improving efficiency of in-flight connectivity, identification of configuration issues and design tests to check them, and development of invalid input tests, which may lead to severe security breaches.

Enhancing customer experience, CDWT’s Domain Competency Group of 300+ Quality Engineering experts and a dedicated Testing Center of Excellence for Airlines provides end-to-end testing for airline digital apps (including e-commerce, digital platforms, departure control, passenger management, operations, fleet management, etc.).

CDWT’s Airlines Software Testing CoE

CDWT’s professionals in automated testing have in-depth knowledge of all Airline Domain components. Our workforce has expertise handling a variety of modern airline IT systems, including new generation passenger solutions, revenue accounting, booking, an ecommerce website, and mobile applications for various platforms, among others.

The software testing centre of excellence for airlines at CDWT gives access to 400+ Test Accelerators, strong Domain Competency Group specialists with a love for the aviation domain, a robust toolset and framework, on-demand testing services, and flexible engagement models.

BlueSwanTM, Cloud Enabled Test Labs, Certified Test & Engineering Specialists, and a CI-enabled Enterprise Automation Framework are CDWT’s enablers.

Airlines Expertise & Benefits


Testers with expertise in end-to-end testing for the Airlines Domain Competency Group


Enhancement of Operational Effectiveness and End-to-End System Reliability


Effective testing of the e-commerce platform led to a rise in Booking conversion.


Test Accelerators


Enhanced Overall Performance of the Principal Flows


Effective airline engagements

CDWT’s Airline Domain Competency Group

The Airline Domain Competency Group at CDWT is comprised of over 300 professional Testers with expertise in end-to-end testing for airlines. 15 or more airlines have used our proven 400+ solution accelerators and frameworks to increase their operational efficiency and end-to-end dependability. Our enablers, which include the Mobile Center of Excellence, the Automation Center of Excellence, and BlueSwan, support our analytics-driven, engineering-led, end-to-end testing and deliver Quality Transformation in the following areas:

Operations of Flights and Airport
Accounting for revenue and yield management
Planning & Scheduling
Costs and Fares
Departure Control System (DCS)
Contact Center
Enterprise and Business Applications
Crew Methods
Digital & Mobile

We have extensive product expertise with SITA, Sabre, Amadeus, IBS Cargo, Navitaire, Navtech, Shares, Mercator, AIMS, and Unisys, and we also support External Interfaces like GDS, Timatic, APIS, Payment, Cargo, and Alliance Partners.