SAP Architectural Consulting

Developing the fundamental Architecture for software and information systems that is dependable, reactive, and scalable.

Any information system must be developed with several factors in mind, including business logic, corporate governance, industry norms, and market trends. Typically, the development of such systems is guided by a road map and carefully calculated deadlines. CDWT offers a team of SAP solution architecture-savvy consultants that can assist your firm in achieving its development objectives.
SAP Architectural Consulting

We Begin With the Architecture

When a business repeatedly has software-related challenges, such as bugs, crashes, customer discontent, or missed deadlines, CDWT urges stakeholders to examine the underlying architecture.

As a SAP Architectural Consulting partner, CDWT collaborates with businesses to co-develop and co-architect software solutions, assisting them in identifying the appropriate architecture pieces and providing ideas for process mining. Our teams collaborate with your product/solution development teams to create a solid architecture that will serve as the basis for constructing SAP solutions.

Developing an Architecture Concept
CDWT believes in the continuous evolution of architectures and coordination mechanisms to meet the fundamental needs. Our team presents numerous possibilities for the stakeholder to choose, with the winning option selected after thorough study and debate. The CDWT consultants then assist the client team in integrating the final architecture, including the development of use cases, QA processes, and product reliability under harsh situations.

We collaborate with product developers to create a prototype of the desired product. This collaborative effort between our architects and developers produces solutions that satisfy client stakeholders.

Evaluating the Architecture

A sturdy architecture often endures numerous revisions. CDWT’s experience is useful in identifying how an architecture may be examined efficiently. Our teams collaborate with client developers to enhance architecture and create the in-house capabilities necessary to construct systems including the necessary vital components.

We provide the instruments and best practises for developing system designs repeatedly. Our advisers examine the quality aspects and any trade-offs.

In addition, we check for hazards, deficiencies, and fundamental defects in the system. This is crucial since every organisation depends on several interconnected or interacting systems. Data Security and Ease-of-maintenance are also carefully studied, so that the system may quickly gain the confidence of stakeholders.

Assessing the Architecture

CDWT is one of the most effective methods for assessing and evaluating architecture. We use qualitative and quantitative approaches to comprehend how various system components will operate individually and together. Quantitative Assessment includes prototype analysis, simulation testing, and Code Quality Management (CQM) in order to visualize use cases and possible vulnerabilities. To examine use cases, qualitative approaches include Design Reviews from Experience and Scenario-based perspectives. CDWT adds value by combining quantitative and qualitative approaches to ensure SAP solution delivery accuracy.

By closely examining the underlying architecture, you may create dependable and stable software solutions. We can assist you in evaluating the present status and developing a plan for achieving a strong architecture based on your anticipated business objectives.