SAP on Google Cloud: The Cloud Shift Your Enterprise Needs for the Future

Your search for the ideal platform to host mission-critical SAP workloads has come to an end. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is built to answer particular business concerns, and CDWT’s SAP expertise and managed GCP expertise redefine the cloud game. Global enterprises with diverse data on SAP workloads have experienced the enhanced availability, agility, and native intelligence of Google Cloud.

Reimagine and reengineer your infrastructure and apps that provide results and drive innovation with CDWT at the helm. Your digital transformation has never been so simple and risk-free, owing to SAP’s strength, Google Cloud’s knowledge, and CDWT’s cloud capabilities. CDWT provides cost-effective migration services for SAP workloads on Google Cloud Platform, using its extensive expertise in transferring and maintaining the whole SAP application suite.

Google Cloud

has been used by the world's top 7 software corporations, 5 financial service organisations, and 5 automobile giants.

Why Should You Move to SAP on Google Cloud?

Utilize the power of cutting-edge cloud innovations to revamp company SAP trips. Embrace cost-optimized resilience, sophisticated security, and ultra-agile productivity.

High Availability Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure purpose-built for maximum scalability, flexibility, and dependability
  • Integrated security features consisting of five levels of data protection
  • AIOps-powered infrastructure management with a guarantee against data loss

Agile Performance

  • Extremely rapid processes and dataflows
  • Ultralow latency applications and networks
  • Enhanced end-user efficiency

Advance Security & Continuity

  • Intelligent security monitoring and frameworks across the whole ERP stack
  • Intuitive reporting on infra health with automatic reaction management
  • On-cloud disaster recovery administration with automatic backup and recovery

Intelligent Operations

  • Effortless AI/ML integration to get important business insights from data across all business segments
  • Access clever GCP Native tools and frameworks
  • Access and extract intelligent insights from SAP data more quickly and precisely.

Live Migration

  • Migration in real-time with no interruption to business as normal.
  • Enhance further using the CDWT migration factory strategy
  • Zero data loss assurance with maximum availability

Innovative Outcomes

  • Enterprise-level operations management to complement diverse and complex technology environments
  • Optimized delivery models for optimal results using the intelligent SAP Migration Factory Approach
  • Supported by dependable procedures like ITIL, ITSM, and CoBIT

CDWT SAP on Good Clinical Practices Expertise: GCP Center of Excellence Proven achievement Complete compliance and management

CDWT is a globally reputable Google Cloud MSP and a premier SAP partner. CDWT has successfully migrated several SAP workloads to Google cloud using the intelligent migration factory strategy. Utilize the Zero-Friction Onboarding, Migration, and Service Delivery frameworks provided by CDWT. Our SAP on GCP specialists have designed, tested, and implemented optimal architectures such as Multiple Components One System (MCOS), Multiple Components in One Database (MCOD), and Multitenant Database Containers (MDC), among others.

250+ SAP consultants and 750+ GCP certifications

Over 15000 SAP Instances and 2300 TB of HANA Database were managed.

Implemented 565 successful SAP projects in 30 countries

99.9% up to the Application login layer is the industry's best SLA.

Supplier of choice for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

Providing assistance for the whole suite SAP Applications and Databases

Leaders in managing SAP HANA workloads with 20TB scale up and 64TB scale out

Dedicated SAP on GCP CoE with managed services driven by AIOps

Compliance services using GCP Native tools and CDWT Managed Security

Met Global Compliance Requirements

Industry Specific

Country Specific

Worldwide Standards

CDWT SAP Migration Factory: Migration of SAP workloads to GCP with zero data loss and maximum return on investment

CDWT has created a SAP ERP-specific Cloud Adoption Framework that has been compared to SAP metrics on GCP and in-country Hybrid Cloud hosting in different countries. The framework assists organizations with their SAP transformation journey on the cloud and ensures they satisfy regulatory compliance requirements, bolstering business continuity with an end-to-end suite of security controls and managed services, all the way up to SAP Basis support driven by AIOps.

CDWT helps you maximize the advantages of SAP S/4HANA for your organization by designing a migration plan that is quicker, more secure, and more cost-effective than your standard migrations. CDWT migrates and modernizes SAP workloads on GCP using cutting-edge tools, automation technologies, and standardized frameworks, hence enabling end-to-end organizational journeys. Gain access to a unique pool of qualified and certified SAP on GCP specialists with in-depth knowledge of working across a variety of industries and use case situations.

Compute & Storage
SAP Certified GCP Virtual Instances and HLI
Capability to Support 20TB Scale up & 64TB Scale out
Managed Premium Disk meeting SAP Performance KPIs
DDoS Protection
VPN / Interconnect
VPC Networking & VPC
Service Control 3rd Party Certified LB an WAF
Business Continuity
Backup with cross region availability
Disaster Recovery - Near Zero RPTO
Live DR Drills and DR Runbooks
Automated Deployments
SAP Apps and DB
Terraform, Ansible, FRUN
ARM Templates
HANA, Sybase
CDWT Security Frameworks for SAP Apps and DB
GCP Cloud IAM and GCP Security Command Center
Stackdriver Monitoring
Cloud Key Management and HSM
24×7 Operations & Maintenance
Migration Services
Automated Health Checks
Performance Tuning
  • Environment Discovery
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Life and Shift
  • OS or DB Migration
  • OS, DB and Application Transformation
  • Greenfield Migration
  • Migration and On-boarding
  • Proof of concept
  • Protection and Recovery of mission-critical data and applications
  • Enhance site resilience through design
  • GCP Disaster Recovery
  • Zero SLAs for RPO and RTO
  • As-a-Service Disaster Recovery Automation
  • Strong administration using Role-Based Access Control
  • Enhanced SAP security via the incorporation of geographically and vertically relevant compliance controls (GDPR, IRAP, PCIDSS, NESA, SAMA etc.)
  • Security Operations centre available 24/7 (SOC)
  • Real-time Security Monitoring and Correlation
  • Audits of Application and DB Security
  • Geography- and industry-specific compliance services supplied using GCP Native tools and CDWT Managed Security Services.
  • Certified SAP and GCP resources
  • 24X7 support service
  • Managed services up to and including the SAP Basis technical layer
  • SLA via Application Login
  • Support for complex and third-party applications (Opentext, GKPOS, Hybris)
  • BigQuery can consolidate SAP and other data for intelligent analytics.

CDWT's Method for Ensuring a Seamless SAP on GCP Migration

Agile Google Cloud Migration or GCP Migration Framework to provide low friction transfer for diverse, complex IT infrastructures (public, private, hybrid, or multicloud model).
The GCP Migration Factory Method reduces migration and associated cloud travel expenses. Utilize Migrate for Compute Engine by Google Cloud to simplify the movement of all assets. Achieve a high return on investment with a flexible pay-per-use strategy.
Virtualize or upgrade backend infrastructure assets, including as servers, networks, computation, storage, middleware, architectures, and frontend corporate applications, using Google Cloud Platform.
Embrace, IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, or SaaS paradigms based corporate needs, and future goals
Migrate and modernise all IT and datacenter assets, including independent platforms, third-party apps, mission-critical systems, etc., to the Google Cloud Platform. Use cutting-edge cloud-native technologies for app migration, development, and testing, mainframe and midrange migrations, SQL server migrations, relational database migrations, Open-source databases migration, etc.
Transition and manage your complex IT infrastructure, including private clouds, on-premises systems, edge environments, and various adopted clouds, with ease using a single, unified interface. Utilize hybrid Google Cloud and multi-cloud solutions like GCP Anthos, Apigee API Management, Cloud Build, Looker, and Migrate for Anthos.
Dedicated cloud maturity assessment, strategy, blueprinting, and implementation stages guarantee that a customised Google cloud architecture is provided in accordance with existing on-premises infrastructure, current IT requirements, and future goals.
Utilize the knowledge of certified GCP specialists, developers, security and maintenance professionals, engineers, and consultants who serve as extended members of a client's IT team and provide 24/7 assistance.
AIOps-enabled GCP managed operations optimise cloud IT administration and operation at all levels.
Industry-leading availability, hyper-scalable operations, and flexible workload performance with the smallest possible latency
Dedicated Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery with automated recovery and backup solutions. Adopt cutting-edge DR and BCP solutions on GCP to enhance the resilience of the site and its assets. Utilize GCP Site Reliability Engineering, VDI, and Contact Center AI, among others
RTO/RPO-centric options with native cloud-based solutions for risk-based notifications. Adopt DRaaS on the Google Cloud.

5-day SAP on GCP Assessment workshop

Get a trustworthy and trusted road to corporate excellence with our bespoke approach for the whole workload assessment and a practical migration plan for all of your SAP workloads on Google Cloud – in only one week!

DAY 01

  • CDWT Introduction
  • Advantages of SAP on GCP / Why SAP on GCP?
  • Implementation of SAP on GCP best practises and application cases
  • Five most common errors during a GCP migration project
  • Analysis at a high level of the present SAP and non-SAP landscapes (non-SAP landscapes only if there are relationships).
  • Our commitment throughout this seminar (Deliverables, outcome, etc.)

DAY 02

  • Detailed analysis of current SAP landscape of the organisation
  • SAP Infrastructure
  • Sizing Check
  • Performance enhancement
  • check (top queries)
  • Understand needed - SAP infrastructure environment Service Level Agreements
  • Plan to do the evaluation with GCP migration tools
  • Discuss security and regulations.
  • Plan to execute SAP EWA reports and Solman analyses

DAY 03

  • Develop a comprehensive SAP S/4 HANA / SAP ECC design and architecture with several alternatives.
  • Using the present landscape deployment, calculate the best SAP on GCP architecture.
  • High Availability
  • Suitable Business Continuity [Backup and DR] choices
  • Protection and Compliance

DAY 04

  • Analyzing the evaluation report, create the GCP deployment plan.
  • EWA provides a report, and Solman
  • Prepare migration strategy
  • Define the architecture and schedule at a high level
  • Prepare GCP cost estimates
  • Prepare migration cost estimates

DAY 05

  • Description of the planned GCP plan
  • SAP environment deployment strategy based on SAP module deployments
  • Analysis at a high level of the present SAP and non-SAP landscapes (non-SAP landscapes only if there are relationships).
  • Analyze system suggestions and offer an evaluation of SAP Notes (corrections) that should be implemented for Security Performance, bug repairs, and Legal modification.

DAY 05

  • Solution Construction Block (As per SAP notes)
  • Superior solution architecture
  • High availability and business continuity (backup and recovery)
  • HA on GCP v/s SLA Backup technique
  • DR replication technique

DAY 05

  • Security instrument mapping
  • Compliance Considered
  • Migration Strategy / alternatives and suggestions
  • Pre-requisite for migration
  • Migration risk, if any, and risk mitigation strategy
  • Comprehensive project plan

DAY 05

  • GCP cost estimates & migration estimations
  • Customer Success at CDWT
  • TCO and ROI case study

Switch2Cloud Package from CDWT

With our experience in SAP and the cloud, along with the strength of our intelligent managed services, we have increased productivity and decreased TCO for several Fortune 500 organisations with no business interruptions.

Switch2Cloud from CDWT is a comprehensive solution for updating your SAP ecosystem. It combines SAP Managed Services, SAP S/4HANA Conversion, and SAP Application Management flawlessly. It is a system that may instantly alter your company and bring you to the cloud. With Switch2Cloud, you can migrate and operate SAP HANA on Google Cloud, upgrade to SAP S/4HANA, and gain secure, scalable, and quick cloud storage.

SAP on GCP – FAQ’s

The SAP workloads, data, and assets of a company might be migrated to the Google cloud through a managed services provider such as CDWT.

Once finished, the SAP systems, processes, and databases would be able to function in the Google cloud, enabling increased agility, performance, security, scalability, continuity, and intelligent operational insights.
Google Cloud Platform, or GCP, is a reliable cloud platform for hosting SAP workloads, applications, and dataflows.

Through the use of unique APIs and SDKs, businesses may tailor their SAP architecture on the Google cloud to harness the greatest advantages depending on their business goals and requirements.

CDWT and other Managed Service Providers aid in the flawless design and execution of SAP migration to the Google cloud.
On-premise SAP designs are less flexible than their equivalents in the cloud.

With SAP on Google Cloud Platform, enterprises can provide ultra-agile operations with minimal security and continuity concerns.

Using GCP's superior native tools and technologies, businesses can also easily manage their whole SAP ecosystem, including databases, applications, and processes, in the cloud and enhance it further.