Data Security Management – Services

Protect company data at rest and in motion throughout the IT ecosystem. Prevent the loss of Host Data. Integrate cutting-edge analytics to identify, mitigate, and anticipate sophisticated data risks.


Protecting Sensitive Data: The most significant and valuable asset for organizations and hackers is the protection of sensitive data.

With more than 2.1 million 'detected' phishing sites on the Internet, less than 5% of the world's information is secure.


Our lives are ruled by an abundance of digital services, and businesses are no exception. Whether it is resource planning, financial management, operations administration, workflow management, supply chain planning, or the formulation of corporate strategies, digital solutions and platforms are at the core of every action that businesses do on a daily basis. And, with such pervasive digitalization, comes an overabundance of information, whether at rest or in action (dataflows across multiple IT points). Cybercriminals breach company networks to get this very valuable asset: data.

Consider the matter carefully. Employer data, personal identification numbers, payment information, workflow data, and other sensitive company information may be used by hackers to wreak havoc on businesses and derail them entirely. In order to strengthen enterprise security and adopt advanced cybersecurity solutions, it is essential to strengthen data security at its core: static information and dataflows across datacenters, VMs, servers, web assets, platforms, architectures, devices, networks, endpoint environments, applications, and cloud environments, among others. In comparison to specialist data security solutions and services, general and generic cybersecurity tactics are only marginally effective.

Introducing CDWT Data Security Management

Obtain end-to-end data protection for your business IT environment, regardless of its size or complexity, with CDWT, the world’s biggest supplier of application-focused cloud managed services and a leader in cybersecurity management. Monitor databases and dataflows across multiple assets, analyse logs and telemetry from diverse sources, analyse information to discover malicious links and lurking threats, prevent data leakages (Data Loss Prevention) from hosted systems and assets, and anticipate vulnerabilities for preventative maintenance. Integrate sophisticated intelligent security solutions, cloud-native technologies, and proprietary platforms, together with regulatory compliance adherence, to provide tight data security. Utilize around-the-clock help from industry-leading cybersecurity professionals to safeguard critical data and procedures.

Why choose specialised solutions and services for data security?

Augmentation of digital services Personal and employee information related to sensitive operations like as banking, healthcare, etc. has proliferated as a result of widespread use of technology in everyday life. Companies must consider employee personal information to be as sensitive as business-critical information.

Overabundance of vital business data and sensitive resource information, whether static or in motion, across all activities, processes, and divisions. The absolute need of using encrypted data to safeguard personally identifiable information.

It is challenging to trace and monitor threat sources due to the diversity of sensitive data spread across various channels.

The proliferation of third-party corporate systems, platforms, and apps increases the complexity of data security infrastructures.

Potential vulnerabilities and software-hardware level gaps that permit data loss or leaking. This covers sensitive individuals, resources, and business data on hosted assets such as websites, apps, systems, virtual machines (VMs), servers, and networks.

A rise in activity on the dark web. Employees and corporate systems are susceptible to malicious links, files, and scripts that steal and sell sensitive data on the dark web.

Connectivity for remote work across multiple locations and technologies lead to an increase in corporate vulnerabilities.

Increased data breaches inside the IT perimeters of organisations result in disastrous repercussions, such as unsuccessful data loss prevention, which often halt company operations entirely.

The exploding growth of connected devices in corporate ecosystems results in a massive flow of linked data (often including sensitive personal information), resulting in heightened risks and vulnerabilities.

Inadequate knowledge, awareness, and evaluations about the deployment of contemporary techniques, frameworks, and updated data security solutions without compatibility and performance difficulties.

Compliance with national and international standards is restricted in the absence of frequent evaluations and audits.

Types and sophistication of cyberattacks on extremely sensitive company data and resources are growing exponentially.

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CDWT Comprehensive Data Security Management Services and Solutions

Prevent data breach situations, particularly those involving sensitive data, throughout your hosted systems, websites, apps, servers, cloud applications and cloud storage, network traffic, endpoint devices, etc., as well as related digital services like as email and chat platforms. Protect enterprise-hosted assets against data leaks, including sensitive employee, resource, and company data, using Host Data Loss Prevention (HDLP) and Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) products and services. Filter processes for dangerous links and codes in order to avoid data loss and security risks across the most sensitive data.

Utilize backup and recovery solutions that are powered by numerous cloud-based systems. With vital data copied and backed up in several locations, the likelihood of data loss and catastrophic consequences is reduced. All backup and recovery solutions for important data are compliant and provide a smooth connection with business assets.

Assess all essential data or dataflows at rest and in motion across IT and cloud ecosystems, platforms, apps, networks, and backend infrastructure for security vulnerabilities that might be exploited by known and unknown threats, planned assaults, malware, etc. Integrate industry-leading anti-malware and anti-ransomware technologies to eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Integrate the most effective encryption protocols and algorithms across all related internal/organizational and external/remote/customer dataflows. Protect corporate communications between workers and customers to avoid the disclosure of sensitive information. To avoid surprise assaults, ensure that all information flows, including chats and emails, are appropriately encrypted.

Monitor and detect latent data risks across the perimeters, cloud environments, and on-premise IT ecosystems of a company. Data breaches and threats are examined and classified into events for fast reaction and cleanup upon discovery. For preventative maintenance, the threat data is studied further to identify current vulnerabilities and prospective incident trends. For optimal effect, integrate data security solutions with SIEM, SOAR, and MDR systems.

Enable frameworks for enhanced user authentication and analysis of user activity across all IT platforms and cloud ecosystems. Protect data by prohibiting unwanted access to assets and applications at any time and from any location, for instance by allowing multi-factor authentication. Access sensitive data by streamlining Identity and Access Management and Privileged Access Management for all IT assets and databases. Gain comprehensive insight into which roles have access to which data types across all processes. Ensure appropriate data access control based on functional hierarchies. Secure access across corporate cloud projects' data centre operations, cloud environment workloads, file servers, and other multiple or hybrid environments.

Collect telemetry and logs from all business IT resources, including servers, networks, datacenters, computing infrastructure, platforms, architectures, applications, endpoints, and third-party integrations. Monitor log data to uncover and detect possible vulnerabilities and data breach situations. Analyze previous or deleted information, files, and attachments with full integrity monitoring to guarantee that no latent danger or loophole is linking back to business systems. Integrate sophisticated Database Activity Monitoring Solutions for continuous database asset protection across the whole IT and cloud ecosystem. Ensure effective key management and protection of sensitive data such as login credentials, passwords, etc.

Enhance data security by deploying high-quality firewalls across diverse IT and cloud assets. Effective firewalls provide a reinforced barrier around apps and servers. A host-level firewall offers second-level defensive control in the event that a network perimeter firewall is improperly configured. Firewalls facilitate the protection of sensitive data and personally identifiable information of an organization's resources. Reduce risk for privileged and authorized users.

Data categorization solutions and services are among the top choices for accelerating and enhancing data security management. With effective data discovery and classification, file sharing and data privacy may be secured. Classify data based on priorities, level of sensitivity, and other department-level identifiers that aid in auditing and compliance management. Classification of data offers total insight into which data categories need the highest level of security and which data categories, for instance, may have more latitude for user access. Classification security solutions and services should be used to safeguard on-premises data.

Noncompliance with national and international norms and standards threatens data security and privacy substantially. This might be an enticing offer for hackers. CDWT's compliant-ready services, together with its specialised Quality Management and Security teams, guarantee that client facilities and data flows comply with data localization-residency legislation, national regulations, local compliances, and international certifications. Ensure compliance with regulatory obligations, including data privacy rules and industry data management standards. CDWT enhances your IT security with world-class privacy legislation and a complete compliance management strategy. Compliance adherences, including but not limited to:

  • IRAP
  • Bank Negara
  • Central Bank of Oman
  • SAMA
  • UAE Compliances
  • RBI
  • MAS
  • OJK
  • GDPR
  • CSA
  • GXP
  • International Standards: ISO-27001, ISO-27017, ISO-27018, ISO-22301, ISO-20000, AICPA SOC, AICPA SOC2

Monitoring, analysing, and safeguarding data and data flows across all cloud platforms. Integrate cutting-edge data security solutions and native tools to safeguard cloud database architectures, whether public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud. Prevent data breaches originating from SaaS apps, PaaS designs and platforms, CaaS containers, and IaaS infrastructure solutions. Protect data and communications in transit across all cloud-based workflows and task flows.

Compile, categorise, and analyse cybersecurity data, such as prior data breach occurrences, threat behaviours, and more, in order to anticipate future attacks and vulnerabilities. Investigate information flows using sophisticated Threat Intelligence driven by industry-leading platforms and CDWT unique incidents to acquire in-depth understanding of attacker motivations, behaviours, trends, approaches, and methodology. Access Threat Intelligence with accepted cybersecurity and data security solutions in order to review data feeds from numerous sources, enhance threat hunting and data forensics, monitor unknown threats, develop contextual and actionable data threat indicators, and forecast vulnerabilities.

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What Makes CDWT’s Data Security Solutions and Services Unique?

The world's biggest Application-focused Managed Cloud Services Provider and a leader in managed cybersecurity. Dedicated security evaluation services.

12+ years of service to 4000+ corporations, including 60+ Fortune 500 companies, in 25+ countries spanning the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and APAC.

More than 40 Security Controls, twenty Centres of Excellence, and two thousand worldwide cloud specialists

Pre-met compliance demands for local, national, and international compliance regulations, such as IRAP, GDPR, HIPAA, SAMA, CSA, GXP, and ISO Certifications.

3200 UTMs, 13000 HBSS, 800000 EPS

Seven Security frameworks using the MITRE ATT&CK, CIS Critical Security Controls, and more

Comprehensive 24x7 monitoring of cyber security

Advanced Managed Detection and Response Solutions Automated Security Solutions for threat prediction, detection, and response (MDR)

Expertise in managed SOC (Security Operations Center) services and solutions on a global scale.

DevSecOps-specific portfolio

Cybersecurity Consulting, Cybersecurity Assessment, and Audit Reporting Services for the Entire IT Stack and Cloud Infrastructure.

Advanced Cybersecurity Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) for CDWT

Threat Intelligence powered by Industry-leading platforms such as Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. and CDWT Threat experts

Considerable threat management knowledge in protecting big and complex settings and using the sophisticated features of industry-leading technologies and Cloud-Native Security products.

Expertise in building and administering comprehensive SIEM - assisting organisations in proactively assessing vulnerabilities and automating and accelerating incident response.

Data Security Management – FAQ’s

Data security solutions are concerned with the end-to-end protection, analysis, and threat mitigation of static and in-transit business databases and dataflows. The solutions consist of Host Data Loss Prevention, Adaptive Data Loss Prevention, Data Classification and Segmentation, Data Encryption, Incident management, and Data compliance, among others.
There are a variety of forms, phases, and solutions for business data security, often pertaining to the security of information at rest (databases, resource information, personnel information and IDs, passwords, etc.) and in motion (dataflows between departments and operations). Security solutions include Host Data Loss Prevention, Adaptive Data Loss Prevention, Data Classification and Segmentation, Data Encryption, Incident management, Data compliance, Backups and Recovery, tokenization, Data masking, access control, and data updates, among other features.
Data Security duties are distributed across many organizational functions. The majority of the jobs consist of Data Protection Officers, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Data Security Engineers, and Compliance specialists, among others.