CDWT and SAP enable top enterprises to use the power of analytics to improve investment efficiency and stay up with innovation.

SAP Driven Analytics

Plan for delivering timely and efficient responses

Constantly changing business requirements have prompted enterprises to demand far more from their analytics systems. Optimizing and developing new services to function well with real-time analysis is necessary. Companies have tremendous customer and operational information. This data flood flowing over their network must become easy, quick, and intuitive in real time.

By offering efficient and effective analytics solutions, CDWT delivers exceptional customer experiences, enhanced operations, decreased expenses, and higher revenue by combining its functional and industry knowledge with SAP technologies.

Our Solutions Portfolio for Analytics

Deploy On-premises, On Cloud, or choose a Hybrid configuration

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business intelligence (BI) platform designed to give all analytical capabilities in a single solution to all users. Our company is a specialised SAP Analytics Partner. We collaborate with our clients to provide insightful insights for their long-term business objectives. Our straight forward business procedures will aid you in making choices that contribute to the achievement of your organization's objectives. CDWT assists enterprises in using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) to visualise, plan, and anticipate, all within a single, secure cloud environment.

Accumulate and process vast volumes of data in order to get a holistic and comprehensive view of the company.
Reveal hidden patterns and get answers to facilitate objective decision-making.
Schedule the data to update at any specified time for real-time data refreshment.
Personalize your data for mobile access.


BW/4HANA, in conjunction with SAP Data Hub, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), and other data analytics products, enables you to use your data more efficiently across a broad spectrum of business and hosting circumstances. CDWT can assist you with deploying BW/4HANA on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration.

Adopt SAP's cutting-edge Data Warehousing system
Rapid transition from product ownership to product use and faster return on investment.
Reduce project risk via standardisation and scalability of delivery by seasoned teams.
Project execution with decreased time, cost, and risk relative to conventional methods.

Quick advantages you get with CDWT

CDWT is devoted to provide a continuous, secure, and effective environment for managing your SAP workloads from beginning to finish.

Significant time savings relative to an internal customer-led project.

Significant cost savings owing to a highly standardised distribution strategy

CDWT SAP Migration Factory and S/4HANA Conversion Factory provide superior quality delivery by a skilled staff.

Access to global assets and product knowledge

Governance of Master Data inside SAP

Poor master data may be damaging to business


CFOs anticipate having access to clean data in order to make more informed decisions.


Few firms in the world evaluate the quality of master data.


The data used by management-level data users has inaccuracies or gaps.

Data quality is an issue for a number of company divisions. Additionally, robust master data is considered as a competitive advantage. SAP Master Data Governance is an established MDM solution capable of meeting these specifications.

How Can SAP MDG Be Useful?

A single, reliable view of all corporate data
Automated approval procedures for the generation or modification of master data
Master data development and management are centralised across SAP and non-SAP applications.
Ensure adherence to company data standards
Create a change audit trail for master data
Augmentation of data quality
Reduce Total Ownership Costs

Why CDWT for Master Data Governance in SAP?

CDWT has a history of several SAP implementations, and MDG is one of our core skills.
We have knowledgeable domain specialists (Customer, Vendor, Material, Asset, Financial, etc.) that can provide guidance on best practises and procedures.
All of our experts have had extensive training in MDG and are conversant with workflow, Web Dynpro ABAP, Floorplan Manager, BRF+, SAPUI5, etc.
A tried-and-true production strategy that promotes transparent planning, budgeting, and delivery.
Capability to deliver projects from the design phase through implementation, support, and managed services.
Modernize Your Reports And Become ‘Undisruptable’

Business Consulting Services from CDWT for SAP Data and Analytics

Defining procedures and key performance indicators Adopting the finest methods and tactics for adoption.

At CDWT, we provide business intelligence solutions and data visualisation services (based on SAP Lumira) to efficiently combine data from a variety of sources and produce critical indicators to facilitate quicker decision-making. In turn, this increases operational efficiency, allowing for superior decision-making to remain ahead of the competition. We help firms in redefining their reporting, strategy, technology, and KPI approaches. Business users are enabled to explore, produce, and analyse information in real-time, delivering significant analytical insights from structured and unstructured data, autonomously and with confidence.

SAP Professional Consulting Services

CDWT and SAP Data Visualization services

Using CDWT’s technologies, our SAP Analytics consulting services enable companies to change their reporting processes. Accurate data is the cornerstone for a successful business process and analytics. We provide Data Modernization services that assist organisations in achieving their unique business objectives by updating their data landscape and developing future-proof, scalable, real-time, high-speed, and agile data solutions.

Selection of tools based on business criteria | Total cost of ownership optimization | Design and architectural consultation | License optimization | Outsourcing of business processes

Implementation Services

Design and Implementation – methods and best practises

CDWT has the expertise in implementing, assessing, upgrading, troubleshooting, managing, and supporting SAP Analytics Solutions ranging from legacy solutions such as Crystal Reports to current and next-gen analytics solutions including SAP Business Objects, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Predictive Analytics. Our expertise lies in taking the most complete, functionally rich business intelligence products from SAP and customize them for our client goals by providing reliable, high-quality solutions that help businesses achieve their goals faster.

Using our proficiency with SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Business Objects, and SAP HANA
Extending the SAP platform with cutting-edge solutions for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), SAP Data Hub, SAP Predictive Analytics, and SAP Business Objects
Providing Planning, Budgeting, Financial Consolidation, Profitability, and Cost Management Solutions
Supporting Agile development and delivery without interruption

Audit Services by SAC

CDWT offers auditing services supported by a team of knowledgeable software auditors. We assist with audits in the following areas:

  • Verifying compliance with licencing
  • Conformity to industry norms
  • Satisfying legal obligations
  • Monitoring to Ensure Quality (QA)

Support Services

CDWT provides 24/7 assistance supported by a sophisticated and automated ITSM system.

  • Proactive and preventative support for all given solutions
  • Continuous support, monitoring, and improvement services and upgrade services
  • Support and implementation of SAP Analytics Suite
  • Create the necessary dashboards and reports

Key Benefits

SAP capabilities – a competitive advantage for business results

Influence without effort unique reporting metrics to operate effectively and remain ahead of the competition

Obtain a deeper understanding of difficult functions

Greater clarity of perceptions resulting in cost savings.

Simple to use and comprehend

Develop a reporting approach to facilitate enhanced management decision-making.

Effectively satisfy expanding consumer demands and expectations

Accelerate implementation by using predesigned solutions

Certified and reputable SAP partner

Features of CDWT's SAP Data and
Analytics Competence

We are proud of our experienced staff and the notable projects we have done.


Experts Team


15+ HANA Based Projects


Projects Sizes More Than 1000 PDs


15+ HANA Based Projects

CDWT’s end-to-end services in SAP Analytics include SAP ERP, CRM, SCM, CAR, and HANA.

Enterprise Integrations

Performance Testing

Data Quality

Migration & Upgrade

Data Warehousing

Agile Visualization

Advanced Analytics

SAP HANA Application Development

Support & Maintenance

Enterprise Information Management System SAP

SAP Data Hub, BO Data Services, SLT, Information Steward and HANA SDI.

SAP Enterprise Performance Management


SAP Enterprise Data Warehousing


SAP Reporting

Crystal Reports, Predictive Analytics, Analysis for OLAP/MS Office, SAP Analytics Cloud, Lumira (Discovery & Designer), BO Web Intelligence, BO Universe Designer/IDT, BO Explorer, SAP Analytics Cloud, BO Web Intelligence, BO Universe Designer/IDT, BO Explorer, SAP Analytics Cloud, BO Web Intelligence, BO

Core Expertise










We provide an authoritative approach to analytics that is cloud-enabled, integrated, and linked with large-scale business objectives, giving our customers access to their important insights in real time. We understand what it takes to provide companies with the intelligence they need to prosper in the digital era.