Form your intelligent enterprise by automating your SAP ecosystem’s business operations with SAP Intelligent RPA and boosting your firm’s agility, efficiency, and user experience.

The majority of businesses are commencing on their automation path to maintain the efficacy of their core business operations and increase customer satisfaction. SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may assist businesses in automating tiresome manual procedures and serving consumers effectively and efficiently around the world.

SAP Intelligent RPA is distinguished by its integration of Process Automation, AI, and Machine Learning technologies. It not only gives the capacity to automate tedious business procedures, but also helps your company remain competitive by delivering insights that enable you to make the best choices. It also gives the possibility to continually enhance the performance of your bot via APIs. SAP intelligent RPA is a comprehensive solution for automating your procedures that enables you to refocus your personnel on high-value business objectives.

Benefits of SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Simple compatibility with SAP applications

Simplify automation with in-built connections and effortlessly interface with SAP apps

Repository of Skilss

Improve quality and accelerate digital transformation with SAP intelligent RPA bot development reusable components

Attended & Unattended RPA robots

Using SAP Intelligent Attended & Unattended robots, automate operations with or without human interaction.

Embedded AI/ML

Ensure enhanced efficacy and speed SAP S/4 HANA project automation

Programmed bots

Utilize free, ready-to-use SAP S/4 HANA bots to expedite the automation process.

Comprehensive array of equipment

Rapidly create and deploy bots utilizing bot creation and monitoring tools

Strategy for SAP Intelligent RPA Adoption at CDW

With SAP Robotic Process Automation, CDWT offers end-to-end services for the development of reusable, resilient SAP Intelligent RPA systems.

We offer RPA consulting services to assist your team in identifying the most significant processes for automation and recommending customized solutions based on your business requirements. We conduct a feasibility analysis and develop a Proof of Value to allow your company to make better choices on the implementation of the automation plan, and to help you understand and quantify the advantages of automating your business-critical procedures using SAP Intelligent RPA. With SAP automation, CDWT also creates a plan for your organization’s staged implementation of SAP Intelligent RPA solutions.

Using a sophisticated six-step implementation approach and more than 200 man-years of RPA installation expertise, we’ve developed countless SAP automation solutions. As part of CDWT’s RPA implementation services, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your operations and develop an automated workflow. Based on the processes, we either recommend the best SAP intelligent RPA pre-defined bots/reusable components that you can reuse to optimize the timeframes for deployment, or we develop custom automation solutions. As part of the SAP Robotic Process Automation, our AI/ML-powered intelligent robots learn from past experiences and adapt to new needs. At each stage, we ensure that we adhere to all required regulations and best practices.

CDWT SAP Expertise


Migration and Managed services projects


Optimization Projects


SAP Production workloads


TB Managed HANA


Advisory Services Engagements




SAP Implementations


SAP Projects Handled


SAP Consultants Globally

CDWT RPA Expertise


Unique industry scenarios automated


Payments Processed


Business Process automated


Man hours saved


Man years of domain expertise


Accuracy Delivered


Faster Report Processing


Reusable objects


Centers of Excellence

In-house OCR

Automation engine for data centers

Easily Integrable

(RPAaaS) – RPA as a Service from CDWT

Experience the advantages of Automation with CDWT’s RPA as a Service without incurring substantial upfront capital expenditures. CDWT provides comprehensive services, including consultation, development, operations, and governance, as both one-time and recurring services.

RPAaaS may assist your organisation in overcoming the obstacles and difficulties associated with establishing and managing SAP Intelligent RPA systems. Our outcome-based service approach gives you the freedom to grow your automation solutions in accordance with business requirements or in a phased way, and to see the return on investment (ROI) immediately.

The CDWT RPA Center of Excellence (COE) team have extensive knowledge of SAP and Automation technologies. Our four-pillar structure tackles the concerns of any firm preparing to embark on an automation path.

CDWT's RPA as a Service may help your company adapt to changing conditions.