Grievance Management

Keeping AICTE’s Grievance Redressal regulation in mind, we designed this module to satisfy the needs of the Online Grievance Redressal System for Colleges and other educational institutions. “Grievances Redressal cell handles all forms of grievances, complaints, and malpractices, including those received from Students, Faculty, and other Stakeholders,” according to AICTE. With the aid of this module, the institution may give its users with the opportunity to report problems and get solutions.


Grievance Management System

This platform allows students to record their issues in a systematic manner so that they may be replied to by the institution’s focal people and handled in a timely manner.

Grievance in regards to students refers to the situation in which students feel some kind of dissatisfaction regarding any of the services they are getting in the institute. Sometimes these complaints get justified not leading to mismanagement, relation, and communication gap among the faculty and students.

Student grievance management is a process in which students get a platform through which they can register their problem and have a track for the solution.

Helping hand

This module extends a helping hand to students and faculty by recognising and resolving their issues. It maintains a healthy atmosphere for the institute’s stakeholders. Institutions must use caution in such crucial situations. We recognise your institution’s requirement for fairness in processing complaints. Thus, we give this dynamic module to manage everything in a single location.

Complaint Management Dashboard

Complaint View

Receiving Grievances

Administrative personnel may always receive vocal complaints, but such issues are often ignored. We assist with accepting written complaints and working on them. The administrator of the institute, or the appropriate individual, must add complaints to the system by department. Complaints may be sent to the appropriate authorities.

Maintaining Complaints

Obtain a list of all complaints requiring follow-up.
All complaints may be categorised under separate tabs.
Dealing with an excessive number of complaints without delay might be difficult. Therefore, we have designed our module so that complaints may be easily handled.

Resolving Complaints

The designated individual may monitor the status of complaints. Complaints deemed invalid or devoid of merit, or when further action is deemed unnecessary, might be recorded as rejected.
The administrator may work on the remaining complaints and "Mark as complete" after they are resolved.

Complain Management System – FAQ’s

Students may approach administration or submit complaints to the appropriate faculty, following which administration or the appropriate faculty will enter the complaints into the system.
While creating a new complaint department, the system allowed administrators to designate a specific user or users as department heads.
Admin may modify the complaint's status at any moment. If the issue has been resolved but needs to be reopened, the status might be changed to "in process"
On the dashboard, each complaint has the opportunity to add comments and follow up, allowing admins to make relevant remarks without having to recall small details.
Yes. As soon as the administrator accesses the module, the Follow up tab will flash, reminding him of all the follow ups that must be completed today.