Medical Billing Services

Our end-to-end medical billing services offer our customers with the highest possible reimbursement while decreasing total expenditures. We actively manage your account, as opposed to just monitoring it.

AR Recovery Services

CDWT specializes in Aging A/R recovery. We pursue every old claim by assigning our dedicated team of Aging A/R specialists. If your in-house billing team can’t keep up with Aging, we can help!

Medical Coding Services

A team of qualified medical coders delivers customized ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding services for all types of medical facilities. Contact us with your coding requirements!

On-Demand Solution for Medical and Healthcare

CDWT’s on-demand medical & healthcare solution development services enable you to provide complete, dependable healthcare services. Our healthcare software solutions include full-cycle website design and healthcare application development for web/iOS/Android, as well as feature-rich eDoctor applications, personal health record apps, patient monitoring, and appointment scheduling apps. For physicians, patients, hospitals, clinics, medicines, and medical insurance companies, we provide comprehensive healthcare business solutions geared to increase customer engagement, service quality, and returns.

Our Emphasis Is on Your Collections

So You Can Maintain Patient Focus

CDWT is an all-inclusive medical billing firm that offers a full suite of healthcare IT solutions and services and a world-class team of professionals ready to assist your business in maximising profitability, increasing collection rates, and minimising disputed claims. Our professionals get you up and running in no time, managing your past-due bills and monitoring any claims to guarantee prompt reimbursements.

Each step of the journey, we remain in contact with you to keep you informed. We at CDWT Medical Billing Company believe in a patient-centric approach and real-time outcomes, which is why you can depend on us. We provide end-to-end revenue cycle management, which includes our innovative and FREE EHR and a complete Business Management system known as MediFusion, to assist the expansion of your practise. Our team of specialists is devoted to providing premium Medical Billing services.

Our extensive array of tools and services helps providers throughout the country to take charge of their destiny.

Hospital RCM

Smart RCM Solutions For Modern Health System

Medical Billing

Compatible with All Specialties and Relied Upon by Thousands of Providers

Medical Coding

Sending clean insurance claims, the first time can save you time and expedite your payment.

Electronic Health Records

FREE EHR That Adapts To Your Specific Requirements

Practice Management

Reduce clinician fatigue by providing your staff with a quick, user-friendly platform that truly works.

Denial Management

Our Professionals Monitor Every Claim Using a Simplified Method for Effective Age-Related Income Recovery

Provider Credentialing

You may focus on patient care while we handle the paperwork.

Analytics and Reporting

A quick and dependable analytics platform that provides in-depth research and real-time reporting to facilitate data-driven decision making.

FusionEDI ClearingHouse

Obtain the top medical clearinghouse that facilitates on-time, hassle-free payment.


DocuHub saves, organises, and monitors electronic documents, resulting in increased productivity, and gives the opportunity to reuse information and govern document flow.

Key Features

Our end-to-end medical billing services provide optimum reimbursement at little expense. Improve the financial success of your clinic by actively managing your account from top to bottom, rather than merely monitoring it and submitting claims.

Eligibility Check

we verify each patient's insurance coverage to expedite your process, reduce account receivable days, and prevent rejections.

Fee for Entry

Receive prompt reimbursement since our comprehensive and error-free charge input procedure guarantees first-time claim approval. Our first-time pass rate exceeds 98 percent.

Claim Revision

Our superior claim scrubbing guarantees that claims are filed error-free and in pristine condition for speedier payment and few denials/rejections.

Digital Submission

For any claims that are held, corrections and resubmissions are made systematically and in a timely way to identify and fix the problem as soon as feasible.

Payment Transmission

Post ERAs and EOBs in a timely way while our team of specialists checks each claim for proper payment and our A/R team follows up on any denied or rejected claims.

Follow-up & Persuasion

In the event of a refusal, CDWT's A/R professionals will take prompt and efficient measures to assure timely reimbursements, therefore preserving your cash flow.

Patient Statements

Sends straightforward patient statements that are basic, easy to read, intelligible, and increase the likelihood of on-time payment.

Patient Helpdesk

Our dependable patient helpdesk streamlines and improves all patient contacts, from scheduling and payment to post-visit communication.

Encryption and Protection

Our medical billing software adheres to HIPAA standards. We assure that no patient data is leaked during information processing.

Individualized Reports

Receive detailed information on the payment, charge, and adjustment trends for each billing entry. CDWT offers data reports in an easy-to-read format with customization options depending on the provider's taste.

Discover the Difference CDWT Medical Billing Organization

We are a customer-focused business. Our mission is to deliver dependable services that maximize the return on investment for your firm. CDWT is one of the top medical billing outsourcing firms in the United States, providing solutions for all sorts of healthcare institutions, regardless of size or scope. CDWT provides proven solutions so that healthcare professionals may confidently face any regulatory obstacles. With a team of qualified experts in medical coding and medical billing, we provide:

Excellence in revenue cycle management

Our complete RCM approach finds gaps in your processes, avoids revenue loss, and assists in maintaining the financial sustainability of your business by putting it back on the path to development.

Services for medical billing and coding

Billing is simplified, administrative costs are eliminated, income is increased, and the highest standards of coding accuracy and compliance are met.

The most reasonable prices on the market

CDWT aspires to deliver excellent services at competitive prices in the current market. Our onboarding procedure is easy and uncomplicated, with no hidden fees.

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