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Modernize your SOC with an Intelligent SIEM + SOAR solution

While hackers continually innovate to become more elusive and destructive, cybersecurity cannot afford to remain static. With the proliferation of new devices, cloud databases, apps, hybrid infra models, multinational workforces, and complicated IT infrastructures, it is difficult for businesses to monitor and automate security processes. It is imperative that the Security Operations Center be redesigned (SOC).

Traditional Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies have drawbacks such as high initial cost and maintenance, skills shortages, limited support, complicated pricing, compromised data collecting, and a large number of false positives with fewer relevant warnings. (Automated Security Orchestration and Response) SOAR solutions may assist your IT security team in enhancing and accelerating its incident response, a crucial aspect of contemporary cybersecurity. SOAR enables enterprises to collect and analyse security-related information and events from several sources, including SIEM. SOAR can efficiently automate security investigations, threat hunting, and remediation using this data.

More than

77% of firms lack an adequate response to cyberattacks.

On average

data breaches cost businesses $3.92 million. Government, retail, and technological companies with large amounts of sensitive public information are natural targets for cyberattacks.


cybercrime is anticipated to cause $6 trillion USD in damages by 2021.

Enter Microsoft Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native, scalable SIEM + SOAR solution. Built-in AI, security analytics, configurable alert rules, and automated playbooks enable it to gather, identify, analyse, and react in real time. Implementing a cloud-based SIEM technology with integrated AI to analyse a vast number of data from apps, users, devices, and servers on any platform is one of the most cost-effective ways to do so. Azure Sentinel is a platform that enables enterprises to develop unique insights, threat intelligence, and detection models using machine learning.

Azure Sentinel allows you to:

Optimal Security solutions integrate Artificial Intelligence,Threat Analysis, and Automation.

Effectively safeguard your network, infrastructure, data, and apps on Microsoft Azure.

Investigate potential security breaches and collect forensic evidence in order to avert contemporary cyber dangers.

Our Managed Security Services for Azure Sentinel enable you to use Microsoft’s AI-powered technologies to enhance and streamline your security environment. During the engagement, our security specialists will cover all important aspects of your SOC, including the adoption of new technologies or procedures.

Azure Sentinel Security: From Reactive to Proactive

Integration of Azure Security Center and Azure Sentinel with your Security operations allows

SIEM and SOAR Implementation, Administration, and Training

Companies see SIEM and SOAR solutions as the cornerstones of their security teams’ ability to monitor network activity.

When it comes to analysing, installing, and maintaining SIEM/SOAR products, we often find that enterprises suffer with the following critical issues:

Principal Problems Facing Businesses

Suffer from alert tiredness or overload
Not certain which SIEM/SOAR solution is appropriate
Unable to adjust and setup correctly
Do not have the skilled labour force or knowledge required to develop unique regulations.
Lack the ability to construct parsers for ingesting external feed.
Personnel issues to guarantee a 24/7/365 monitoring presence
Support issues pertaining to frequent patching cadence

CDWT has installed Microsoft Azure Sentinel for the following client domains:

Banks and Financial institutions

Large Government Organizations

Healthcare giants

Large Manufacturers

Retail Business


Microsoft Azure Sentinel Deployment and Management Expertise from CDW

CDWT’s Azure Sentinel security expertise includes the creation of bespoke alert rules and automated playbooks to identify attacks in your environment in real time. CDWT simplifies and reduces the cost of implementing Azure Sentinel by gaining a grasp of your needs and the aspects you need to remain constant with enhanced capabilities.

Perform a comprehensive assessment of the client's IT environment, process and data flows, as well as modifications and alarms.

Collect client needs and give upfront cost reductions from using Sentinel.

Use Case creation to improve customer visibility in the cloud environment

Examine log types and devices, both on-premises and in the cloud, and determine the proper data sources required to support use cases and the cloud migration.

Contribute to the log on-boarding activity

Creating and Configuring Sentinel and Log Data Onboarding Using Native and Custom Sentinel Connectors

Configuring dashboards and alerts

Creation of Threat Hunting templates and notification circumstances

The creation of playbooks that automatically run when an alert is triggered.

Knowledge transfer, detection and reaction training, and the generation of customer-use documents.
Continuous tweaking of all Infrastructure-specific ATT&CK-based rules and compliance procedures

Conduct Incident management with a focus on Root cause analysis and mitigation.

Provide a weekly and monthly review of the security posture and advancements, along with information that can be used to enhance the security posture.

Technical account manager from the Security Operations Center (SOC) who is well familiar with the client's infrastructure. Auto-remediation of incidents in minutes without human interaction, which decreases incident response SLA and reduces total staffing costs.

On-demand availability of detailed forensics Team of threat intelligence professionals undertaking threat hunting.

Recommendations based on threat modelling and a comprehensive knowledge of infrastructure. Even for apps that cannot send logs, custom data collecting is supported. Creating bespoke parsers for even unstructured logs.

Workshop on Azure Sentinel Proof of concept

The Azure Sentinel Workshop is provided at no cost to you as an investment in your success. Register your organisation for a tailored one-on-one Workshop on Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Workshop Objectives

Preparing the next moves Identifying and Analyzing Dangers Understanding How to Neutralize Dangers Experience Azure Sentinel

Obtain the necessary information to onboard Azure Sentinel, including a technology deployment roadmap. Plan and supply information to construct a business case for an Azure Sentinel production deployment, including a technical deployment plan.

Gain insight into risks to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises systems spanning email, identity, and data in order to better identify, prioritise, and defend against possible cyber-attack vectors.

Assist you in comprehending how Microsoft 365 and Azure security technologies may assist you in mitigating and protecting against the dangers identified throughout this engagement.

Learn via hands-on experience how to identify and evaluate threats with Azure Sentinel. Learn how to automate your Security Operations in order to improve their efficacy.

Workshop Highlights

Some easy steps to process!


Learn about the features and advantages of Azure Sentinel


Gain visibility into email, identity, and data risks.


Improve understanding, ranking, and mitigation of possible threat vectors


Create a customised deployment plan based on your environment and business and technological objectives.


Develop cooperative exploration and implementation plans

Rapid Advantage to you


As an Azure Expert MSP, we assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of Azure Sentinel’s capabilities, determining whether it can alleviate your security pain points, and determining whether managed cybersecurity services – for both detection and incident response – can quickly and cost-effectively improve your security posture.

Security frameworks using the MITRE ATT&CK, CIS Critical Security Controls, and other methodologies

Over 2,000 Cloud-certified (on several public cloud platforms) professionals

Cyber Security Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) group at CDWT

With decades of expertise in assessing threat information streams, security analysts and threat specialists can safeguard vast and complicated settings.

Threat Intelligence driven by industry-leading platforms like Microsoft, OSINT, STIX&TAXI, MISP, etc. and CDWT Threat specialists.

Expertise in building and administering strong SIEM and SOAR - assisting organisations in proactively assessing vulnerabilities and automating and accelerating incident response.

Comprehensive 24-hour-a-day monitoring system

A single point of contact for resolving any security issues

Met all global compliance requirements

Industry Specific

Country Specific

Worldwide Standards

Azure Sentinel – FAQ’s

Microsoft's Azure Sentinel is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) service that offers sophisticated enterprise-wide security analytics.

Azure Sentinel analyses enormous amounts of data from on-premises or cloud-based users, apps, servers, and devices.

Sentinel is connected with Microsoft services, such as Azure Security Center, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft 365, as well as third-party connectors.
As a cloud-native SIEM, Azure Sentinel provides a bird's-eye view of your enterprise's complete security operations with AI-powered threat detection and mitigation solutions. Key Azure Sentinel characteristics are listed below.

Built-in alert rules and the flexibility to personalise rules based on the requirements of your organisation, using a custom alert wizard.

To uncover illicit SSH access, machine learning skills that recognise questionable logins across Microsoft identity services are required.

Predictable and adaptable billing methods with pay-as-you-go pricing choices

Graphical interfaces that enable users to visualise and navigate the connections between entities such as users, assets, applications, or URLs, and quickly comprehend the scope and impact of any security incident based on suspicious activities such as logins, data transfers, or application usage, etc.

Due to the novel actions and playbooks offered in Azure Logic Apps, incident automation and remediation are easier.
Enterprises have access to Azure Sentinel at a flexible price model with Capacity Reservations and Pay-As-You-Go options. Pricing is determined by the amount of data (in GBs) ingested by Azure Sentinel for analysis and kept in the Azure Monitor Log Analytics workspace. The Capacity reservations approach enables your business to save up to 60% by selecting a tiered price structure for each 100 GB of reserved capacity for analysis. The Pay-as-you-go mechanism allows for payment per gigabyte of data imported for analysis in Azure Sentinel. Contact our Azure pricing consultants for further information based on your enterprise's needs.
SIEM implementation and management may boost an organization's efficiency and effectiveness via the gathering of valuable data and security alarms that can be reacted to while maintaining the effectiveness of security initiatives. After deploying a SIEM, further creation of automated metrics and reporting of event analysis utilising decision-bot reasoning might occur. However, to prevent alert fatigue and react proactively to attacks, Azure Sentinel's Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) capabilities are required. Azure Sentinel can interface with all of an organization's tools, systems, and apps and support automated incident response processes. It enables analysts to investigate, evaluate, and conduct extra pertinent investigations, and it supports incident response procedures in order to offer quick findings and assist adaptive defences. Depending on SecOps requirements, Azure Sentinel has several playbooks that may be completely or partly automated in response to certain threats.