Here are Our Services:

Identifying Rejection Causes
We identify the underlying reason why the claim was refused.
Categorizing Denials
The detected causes are then classified and allocated to the appropriate teams for correction.
Submission of Claims
When claims are received from various departments, they are resubmitted for a claim.
Developing a Mechanism for Tracking
Following up on the status of the resubmitted claims on a frequent basis.
Developing a Preventive Measure
Creating a checklist of the most common denial causes and how to address them.
Surveilling Future Claims
Developing a second level of screening based on the grounds for refusal to prevent future rejections.

Minimize Denied Claims & Get Timely Reimbursements

We, at CDWT, guarantee that our clients get paid more quickly by delivering effective Denial Management solutions to identify and treat the fundamental reason of each denied and rejected claim. Our devoted staff analyses and evaluates all rejections, settling and resubmitting insurance claims in an effective manner. We thoroughly find and resolve the problem so that you get paid on time.

For physicians, practises, and hospitals, we provide complete medical billing and revenue cycle management.

Individualized Reporting

CDWT is a comprehensive medical billing service because we routinely follow up on every claim filed to an insurance company until it is processed and settled. CDWT A/R Follow-Up services guarantee that your practise obtains the best amount of compensation available for its services, regardless of the size of the account.


Increased Collection Ratios

Our Denial Management team can assist you in increasing payment recovery by identifying the fundamental cause of all refused claims and providing the tools required to allow prompt settlement. With our integrated software package MediFusion, rejected claims are immediately forwarded to the right personnel for prompt follow-up and systemic changes.

Reliable Accounts Receivable Management Services

CDWT aids in submitting claims that are free of errors, analysing rejected claims, and tracking down rejections and non-payments. Our premium and superior Medical Billing AR services include of the following:

Enhance paperwork from providers and data reporting.
In-network and out-of-network AR monitoring
Employee Compensation Follow-through
Discussions with insurance adjusters
When a claim is not paid, multiple levels of appeals are sent.
Patient AR Follow-through
Cleanup of credit balances and audit
Inactive accounts receivable
Young businesspeople working together in office and using technology

Rule-Based Rejection Prevention

Our state-of-the-art claim scrubbing software guarantees that we not only detect flaws in claims before to submission, but also systematically correct them. Our rule-based approach is meant to eliminate rejections based on coding, LCD policy, payer, gender-specific regulations, and any other rule that may be relevant to your speciality type or practise.