Choose SAP on Azure For Your Business Needs, The Best of Both Worlds

The cloud is more than just a platform when it comes to SAP workloads that are mission-critical. It is a channel that increases the potential for innovation, provides new chances for you to expand and succeed in your company, enhances performance and security, and quickly adjusts to your changing needs.

A secure, scalable, and operationally tested platform is Azure, Microsoft’s SAP-Certified Cloud Platform. It gives you the opportunity to quickly set up your SAP-related infrastructure and offers you unmatched performance, security, and exclusive insights to help you prepare your organisation for the future.

Your SAP workloads on Azure Cloud will benefit from the expertise of CDWT, an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP), and its team of professionals. We combine CDWT’s in-depth knowledge and skill in managing mission-critical, complex, and massive SAP landscapes with Azure’s innovation, automation, speed, and optimum cost. We have experience handling the full range of SAP applications during their migration to Microsoft Azure. Additionally, we offer top-notch service. More significantly, we give businesses the option to migrate in the fastest, most affordable way possible. hence lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Impact of SAP to Azure migration –

Powered by CDWT

6 Weeks Transformation

For a major oil and gas company in the Middle East, CDWT quickly hosted mission-critical SAP workloads on Azure while maintaining 99.95% availability.

Cloud Infrastructure Compliant with IRAP

Unlocking IRAP-compliant SAP on Azure Transformation for a federal agency of a state government resulted in zero data loss, security of sensitive and important data, and cost savings.

40% of costs were cut

For a UAE-based worldwide ceramics leader, a flawless SAP Migration to Azure and CDWT Managed Services resulted in a significant TCO reduction.For a UAE-based worldwide ceramics leader, a flawless SAP Migration to Azure and CDWT Managed Services resulted in a significant TCO reduction.

Utilize CDWT to reinvent and enhance your SAP workloads on Azure Cloud.

Microsoft Azure, SAP, CDWT – A Winning Trio

Utilize SAP and Azure’s combined ability to grow your organisation. This service is provided by CDWT.

Unblemished Architecture

High-performance virtual machines, cloud storage that is expandable on-demand, and disaster recovery for business continuity with a 99.9% uptime.

360- Degree view

With a comprehensive view of all your critical apps, SAP application management is more transparent, and you get a more complete picture of all your essential applications.

Demand-Based Scalability

Scale up or down SAP and non-SAP workloads on-demand and instantaneously.

Endless Support

World-class, round-the-clock support for SAP workloads on Azure Cloud, enabling sophisticated operations from any location.

Comprehensive Security

Business-grade security with powerful security capabilities, such as Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and Azure monitoring, etc.

Forecasting Insights

Utilizing developing technologies such as AI, ML, and Analytics, Microsoft services like Power BI and Azure Data Lake give real-time and predictive insights.

Significant expense reductions

There are no expenses associated with on-premises or overprovisioned gear, resulting in zero CapEx.

Download our whitepaper "Transform your company with SAP on Azure" to learn more.

Unlock the SAP to Azure migration with Azure Expert MSP, CDWT

CDWT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a SAP Premier Partner. Numerous SAP workloads have been successfully moved to Azure with our intelligent migration factory strategy.

CDWT’s Onboarding, Migration, and Service Delivery frameworks support Zero Friction. Our SAP on Azure experts have thought through, tested & delivered optimized architectures like Multiple Components One System (MCOS), Multiple Components in One Database (MCOD), Multitenant Database Containers (MDC), etc

Our SAP on Azure proficiency in brief

250+ SAP consultants and 750+ Azure specialists with certifications

Over 15000 SAP Instances and 2300 TB of HANA Database were managed.

Implemented 565 successful SAP projects in 30 countries

99.9% up to the Application login layer is the industry's best SLA.

Supplier of choice for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

Providing assistance for the whole suite Applications and Databases from SAP

Leaders in SAP HANA workload management, offering 20TB scale up and 64TB scale out

Dedicated SAP on Azure CoE with managed services driven by AIOps

Geography/industry-specific compliance services with Azure Native tools and CDWT Managed Security products

SAP Reg-Tech certified products for IRAP, SAMA, MEITY, MAS, GDPR, HIPAA, and more regulations.

SAP Migration Factory for CDWT

The SAP ERP-specific Cloud Adoption Framework created by CDWT has been benchmarked against SAP KPIs on Microsoft Azure and in-country Hybrid Clouds hosted in 25+ countries. The architecture supports business continuity with an end-to-end suite of security controls and managed services, all the way up to SAP Basis support driven by AIOps.

CDWT assists you in maximising SAP S/4 HANA for your company by developing a quicker, more secure, and more cost-effective migration plan from your existing SAP workloads. Our Migration Factory, which applies industry best practises regardless of cloud platform, has enabled organisations on this path.

We manage and migrate SAP workloads to Azure using the greatest technologies and best practises in the market. We provide your firm with access to our exclusive pool of qualified and certified professionals with expertise in a broad range of sectors.

For further information, please visit SAP Migration factory

Overview of CDWT SAP on Azure Services

The extensive array of services offered by CDWT for SAP on Azure covers design, migration, build, run, and operations with SAP Basis technical layer and 99.9% SLA guarantee up to Application login layer.

  • Assessment of applications and Workloads for cloud readiness.
  • The planning and execution of the blueprint, landing zone, and proof of concept.
  • Industry best practises and consultancy services for relocation without friction.
  • Migration framework with zero friction.
  • SAP and Azure certified resources with over 20 years of Experience.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring with all responsibility.
  • Managed services up to the technical SAP Basis layer.
  • Single SLA up to application login layer.
  • IT infrastructure management supported by Opentext, GKPOS, and Hybris apps.
  • Governance and security that are stringent for modern Protection.
  • A role-based access control system with a 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC).
    Controls for regional and industry-specific compliance, such as GDPR, IRAP, PCI DSS, NESA, SAMA, etc.
  • Monitoring and threat detection in real time.
  • Applications and databases are subject to timely security reviews.
  • Microsoft Azure Public Cloud that has received SAP certification.
  • A robust and secure architecture with backup.
  • Infrastructure setup for performance objectives.
  • Best protection in the industry for mission-critical applications
  • Azure Disaster Recovery is meant to boost resilience.
  • Zero data loss accompanied with rigorous RPO and RTO
  • Secured Environment: Ongoing Vulnerability Assessment, Host-based Security Suite, Application Delivery Controller (ADC), and Distributed Application Delivery Controllers
  • Protection against Denial-of-Service (DDoS), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Penetration Testing, and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Continuity of Business: Backup + DR (offered as a service as well)
  • High Availability Application Engine (Native)
    -HANA DB: Pre-loaded HANA System Replication setup
    Azure Site Recovery (ASR) offers comprehensive instance-level synchronous replication to a secondary site for SQL/ASE databases.
    Creation of a Resource Recovery Test Using Azure Site Recovery: Instances of SAP Router, SAP SolMan, HANA Studio, Application Engine & Common services, Host-Based Security System (HBSS), as well as Hardening, Vulnerability Assessment, and Backup.

CDWT's method for ensuring a seamless SAP to Azure migration

  • Exhaustive examination of the present SAP landscape
  • SAP workload evaluation for migration
  • Cloud readiness evaluation
  • Capture application, security, compliance need
  • Estimate cost reductions, calculate TCO using Azure TCO calculator
  • Project workshops to assess and rank SAP workloads for pilot consideration.
  • Construct architecture/Design and Proof-of-Concept
  • Comprehensive project/resource plan
  • Schedule and business choices
  • Prepare the Azure environment target
  • Audit of business continuity
  • Change management development
  • Functional and user acceptability testing to investigate and transfer non-production systems.
  • Automated SAP workload deployment in Azure
  • Transfer of databases like SAP HANA to Azure
  • Determine when and what to relocate, and organise a migration to guarantee there are no service interruptions.
  • Continuously monitor the SAP ecosystem to reduce downtime.
  • Perform repeated test cycles to confirm the accurate transfer of all components.
  • Fine tweaking SAP Azure cloud environment
  • Monitoring SAP landscapes and minimising expenses utilising Azure-based services.
  • Check for SAP
  • Project execution assistance
  • Help for application management
  • Backup and Restore
  • Utilizing Azure data analytics and data visualisation capabilities to comprehend patterns.
  • Gain insight into the future and generate new business possibilities
  • Develop new features for your SAP apps

5-day SAP on Azure Assessment workshop

Get a trustworthy and trusted road to enterprise excellence with our bespoke approach for the whole workload assessment and a practical migration plan for all of your SAP workloads on Azure Cloud – in only one week!





CDWT Introduction

Advantages of SAP on Microsoft Azure / Why SAP on Azure?

Implementation of SAP on Azure best practices and application cases

Five most common pitfalls during Azure migration projects

Comprehensive overview of the present SAP and non-SAP landscape (non SAP landscape only if any dependencies)

Our commitment throughout this seminar (Deliverables, outcome, etc.)

Detailed examination of the organization’s present SAP landscape
  • SAP Infrastructure
  • Sizing Check
  • Check for performance optimizations (top queries)

Understand needed – SAP infrastructure environment Service Level Agreements
Plan to do the evaluation using azure migrate tools
Discuss security and regulations.
Plan to execute SAP EWA reports and Solman analyses
Develop a comprehensive SAP S/4 HANA / SAP ECC design and architecture with several alternatives.
Using the existing landscape deployment, calculate the best SAP on Azure architecture.
  • High Availability
  • Suitable Business Continuity [Backup and DR] choices
  • Protection and Compliance
Analyzing the evaluation report, prepare the Azure deployment plan.
EWA provides a report, and Solman
Prepare migration strategy
Define the architecture and schedule at a high level
Prepare azure cost estimates
Prepare migration cost estimates


Description of the projected Azure design
SAP environment deployment strategy based on installed SAP modules
  • Analysis of EWA for SAP Best practises and Performance Optimisation
  • Analyze system suggestions and offer an evaluation of SAP Notes (corrections) that should be implemented for Security Performance, bug repairs, and Legal modification.
Solution Construction Block (As per SAP notes)
Superior solution architecture
High availability and business continuity (backup and recovery)
  • HA on Azure as opposed to SLA
  • Backup technique
  • DR replication technique

Security instrument mapping

Compliance dealt with

Migration strategy / alternatives and suggestions

Pre-requisite for migration

Migration risk, if any, and risk mitigation strategy

Comprehensive project plan

Azure cost estimates & migration estimations
Customer Success at CDWT
TCO and ROI case study

Switch2Cloud Package from CDWT

With our experience in SAP and the cloud, along with the strength of our intelligent managed services, we have increased productivity and decreased TCO for several Fortune 500 organisations with no business interruptions.

Switch2Cloud from CDWT is a comprehensive solution for updating your SAP ecosystem. It combines SAP Managed Services, SAP S/4HANA Conversion, and SAP Application Management flawlessly. It is a system that may instantly alter your company and bring you to the cloud. With Switch2Cloud, you can migrate and operate SAP HANA on Azure, upgrade to SAP S/4HANA, and acquire dependable, scalable, and quick storage on the public cloud.

SAP on Azure – Our Opinion

Follow these procedures for a trouble-free SAP to Azure transfer.

By transferring SAP to Azure, we can save expenses, maintain security, and grow on-demand. To transfer your SAP apps to Azure without difficulty, you must have a defined migration strategy…

Here is your checklist.

Choosing the proper SAP managed services provider is crucial for your organisation. It will enable you to meet company objectives, cut expenses, and enhance quality. The ideal partner will be able to satisfy essential standards and give certified expertise…

SAP on Azure – FAQ’s

Microsoft Azure is a SAP-certified and dependable cloud platform that enables you to migrate and execute mission-critical SAP applications in the cloud. It delivers the tools and capabilities necessary to modernise your SAP ecosystem and innovate in the cloud. By transferring SAP to Azure, you may acquire a safe, dependable, and scalable ERP that is ideal for businesses that are expanding.
By transferring your SAP to Azure, you obtain incomparable security, scalability on demand, unrivalled predictive analytics, and a powerful cloud architecture while drastically decreasing your CapEx. You are also given with powerful tools that expedite operations, strict backups, and disaster recovery policies/features that result in high availability.