Choose Uninterrupted Continuity Unleashed: Resilient and Reliable DR Strategy on Cloud

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery is a tried and tested approach for minimizing downtime and accelerating recovery without data loss or customer discontentment. As the world’s top application-focused Cloud MSP and an advanced AWS Consulting partner, CDWT’s best-in-class DR-as-a-Service is intended to protect businesses from natural catastrophes and unanticipated events. The configuration provides continuous services and offers crucial resilience to company workloads, databases, and overall operations.

CDWT implements and completely manages AWS Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS), which is the replication and hosting of physical and/or virtual servers, databases, and workloads on Amazon Web Services. It offers backup in the event of manmade or natural disasters. Unique to CDWT is its 4-way DR structure across several regions or cloud availability zones. All business IT workloads and databases are thereby synced and automatically replicated across four sites with varied degrees of military-grade security and connection. It occurs regardless of whether the infrastructure is in the cloud, on-premises, a third-party data centre, or a hybrid multi-cloud environment.

AWS Cloud Operational Resilience and Business Continuity

The majority of organisations that rely on a data centre incur higher-than-average increases in downtime expenses. 93% of businesses without disaster recovery strategies fail within one year following a catastrophic occurrence.

CDWT has supplied Disaster recovery as a service to more than 600 enterprises globally to date, adopting the 4-way Disaster Recovery architecture for optimum availability and near-zero downtime. AWS's DRaaS is cost-effective relative to the advantages it provides. It is an improvement over many conventional models. Using AWS DRaaS, you will eliminate additional investments such as purchasing and licensing servers, hardware, and software. CDWT will also be responsible for maintenance, hence minimizing further costs.

In addition to automatic backup and recovery, the AWS Cloud-based disaster recovery architecture provides high availability storage, networking and file synchronisation, auto data replication, and duplication capabilities. It may be implemented in an organization's architecture regardless of the cloud storage environment. If you are seeking cost-effective, compliance-ready, and scalable disaster recovery solutions, look no further than AWS and CDWT.

Non-Intrusive DR Testing at Regular Intervals

Negligible Data Loss

AWS Compliant Protection

High Speed Recovery

Complete Visibility Into Your Backup And Server Environments

Recovery Orchestration and ultra-fast Activation

It is Still Time to Invest in a DR Strategy on AWS Cloud

Evaluate infrastructure

Assess your present environment and identify needs

Develop strategy

Determine the relevant strategies, services, and resources to satisfy the need.

Implement and Test

Deploy AWS Services and assure dependable, quick recovery


Business interruptions are detrimental to company development and employee efficiency and output. Floods, fires, earthquakes, and even human mistake are able to interrupt internal and external activities. A catastrophe recovery plan would guarantee that business activities continue without interruption. It will also facilitate a smoother transition between the reorganised business segments.


Loss of data can not only cause financial harm, but will also considerably dent your market reputation. Rarely can businesses recover from such problems. Using AWS Catastrophe Recovery Strategy, you can assure that not even the tiniest amount of data is lost during a disaster, regardless of the nature of the danger.


With CDWT AWS Disaster Recovery as a Service, businesses can limit their exposure to downtime and data loss for mission-critical applications. AWS Disaster Recovery provides cutting-edge features that may minimise downtime tremendously.


The AWS Cloud Disaster Recovery plan provides the highest level of security and compliance with regard to cryptographic techniques, key management, and information encryption. CDWT and our team of specialists assure the protection of mission-critical applications and minimise disruptions to essential operations.


AWS DR Solution from CDWT is in great demand due to the fact that it offers cost-effective methods without sacrificing quality. With us, businesses may also benefit from the pay-per-use approach. It is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing the whole suite. It imposes no restrictions on their growth, and they may modify to full capacity anytime necessary.

Develop An Appropriate AWS Disaster Recovery Strategy

CDWT, a seasoned AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who knows your company objectives, can build an AWS disaster recovery planning approach that is directly customised to your operating requirements. Depending on the importance of data and applications, RTO and RPO requirements (RTO refers to the maximum amount of time an application may be offline) must be met.

RPO refers to the maximum acceptable duration of time during which data may be lost from your application due to any major incident. ) one or more of the following methods may be employed. Additionally, we can provide guidance regarding backup methods (snapshots, AMIs, etc.), frequency, retention periods, locations (AWS availability zones), and pricing to help you develop the most cost-effective disaster recovery strategy.

CDWT Expertise in DRaaS Tools and Services

Cloud Platform Native
(Snapshots in Multi region, Object storage replicas in Cross Region, Extended Cluster for Microservices)

OEM Certified Replication

(SQL Always on, Log Shipping, SRS, HRS, Oracle Data Gaurd, File Sync)

This necessitates a rapid Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Mission-Critical applications, such as critical financial and banking applications, must use Hot DR.

Concentrate on apps and infrastructure with somewhat increased RPO and RTO times. Possible components include non-core banking applications, DMS, MOSS, print and file servers.

This has a slightly longer data recovery time than the Hot and Warm DR, as well as an increased RTO and RPO. Ideal for use in Non-Critical applications.

  • It entails creating backups of your systems and restoring them in the event of a calamity. We develop solutions that decrease your backup footprint by deduplicating data at every node, task, and location. As a consequence, backups and recoveries are expedited. CDWT is renowned for its worldwide deduplication systems that do bare metal recoveries with efficiency.
Backup And Restore
Cold DR
Warm DR
Hot DR Multi site: Active/active



RPO / RTO: Hours

  • Lower priority use cases
  • Restore data after event
  • Deploy Resources after event

RPO / RTO: 10s of minutes

  • Less stringent RTO & RPO
  • Core Services
  • Start & scale Resources after event

RPO / RTO: Minutes

  • More stringent RTO & RPO
  • Business Critical Services
  • Scale resources after event

RPO / RTO: Real-time

  • Zero downtime
  • Near zero loss
  • Mission Critiical Services

CDWT's genuine ownership and custom solutions

CDWT employs only the most effective cloud disaster recovery strategies. We provide fully-managed DRaaS so that your IT staff do not have to worry about deploying, configuring, maintaining, or testing. We give you with a platform, tool, documentation, and process management in support of your objectives, as well as a restoration guarantee up to the principal site after a disaster.

We provide customised DR solutions based on the criticality and business impact of each workload, ensuring end-to-end ownership and SLA-based commitments for predictable outcomes, such as recovery during DR durations and resumption following DC stabilisation.

Failure Assurance

For improved agility, the highly qualified staff at CDWT would assist you in planning the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). We implement a digital strategy by codifying the actions that allow businesses to resist unplanned interruptions. If your production workloads are currently in AWS cloud, we use cloud-to-cloud replication to a separate cloud environment in a different region.

AWS Cloud-Based CDWT End-to-End Disaster Recovery Services

CDWT is an AWS-centric, end-to-end application cloud services provider. On AWS, CDWT provides a totally automated DR Solution architecture. Regardless of settings or applications, our one-of-a-kind workload management technology enables different cloud deployments and hybrid situations. CDWT provides several benefits for AWS cloud-based disaster recovery solutions.

  • Assessment of various workloads
  • Architecture planning
  • Proof of Concept
  • Design and planning for high availability architecture

Our managed services platform is integrated with agentless, scriptless, multi-tenant software from CDWT. It provides you an advantage with completely customised application orchestration, database recovery in the cloud, and corporate DR.

Using automated switchovers and DR exercises, CDWT enables clients to manage and monitor application recovery. With a single click, you can monitor MPO, data latency, and recovery time while automating end-to-end application recovery in the event of DR.

  • 24/7 monitoring of DR set-up with ownership of AWS DR SLA
  • Focused and efficient delivery from technologies/services-based 26 Centres of Excellence
  • Commvault Replication
  • AWS Centralized Cloud Backup

Regardless of the magnitude of a crisis, a well-planned, coordinated, and proven disaster orchestration will drastically decrease the downtime.

Recover from a unique occurrence without sacrificing productive hours.
We assume all responsibility and accountability for the creation and upkeep of your Runbooks.

  • Robust Change and Learning Management process
  • Half-yearly drills with the simulation of DR events
  • Utility-based solutions for the enterprises through DR on-demand model.
  • Compliance analysis
  • Infra monitoring
  • Architecture health checkups
  • Auto governance, policy, and compliance assessments

Supported OS & Databases – Disaster Recovery on AWS Cloud

The CDWT DR concept is intended to provide tailored solutions for each organisation. The solutions are compatible with several operating systems, including the majority of current Linux and Windows versions. We provide cutting-edge options for databases that demand massive VMs and are license-bound to physical systems.

Why work with CDWT and AWS Cloud to fulfil your needs for DR and BCP?

The world's top cloud MSP with an emphasis on applications and automation

Experience managing AWS-engineered systems with AIOps-powered Managed Operations

More than 600 DR setups have been deployed across diverse industries.

Low to No CAPEX and Multiple RTO/RPO Options for Restoring Business Workloads

Automated data synchronisation utilising sophisticated AWS-prescribed tools

Creating volumes on demand with dynamic provisioning

Rapid deployment of CDWT-powered, automated AWS DR configuration

Industry-leading reaction times owing to automation technologies that install solutions and switch to backups on demand.

Freedom to choose the key data and components that need backup and to pay for just those

Robust compliance rules that adhere to global and regional business standards

24x7x365 monitoring of AWS DR configuration

Four-tiered cloud-based disaster recovery services with customizable DR capacity

26 Centers of Excellence, presence in 26 nations and 52 locations

AWS Cloud Native Replication Tools and Third-Party Replication Tools

With fully automated DR solutions and backup systems, there is no downtime and no data loss.

Storage, databases, backup and recovery with a high degree of availability 40000+ Instances and 8000+ Databases were migrated.

over 5000 DR exercises done

End-to-end accountability for controlled DR setup and replication, while upholding the SLA for RPO/TTO