Maintain complete command of your Azure environment, both now and in the future.

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63% of enterprises are currently on Microsoft Azure and 61% of enterprises expect to invest more in Azure in 2021.

That is because Azure offers a wide range of services, provides greater flexibility, ensures total control over infrastructure and resources business deploy as compared to on-premises systems or other clouds. With Azure, enterprises can spontaneously adapt to the evolving needs of their business.

Cost Optimization on the Azure Cloud

Managing the expenses of this adaptable infrastructure may be difficult, though. Managing resource consumption on Azure involves a comprehensive grasp of the platform and its services, pricing structures, monitoring tools, best practises, and more; in short, a plan for cost optimization. Your Azure expenditures may rapidly spin out of control in the absence of a predefined plan.

How can you begin using Azure Cost Optimization?

The Basics of Azure Cost Management
Azure Pricing
Azure Cost Management and Billing
How to use Azure Cost Management Tools in addition to

Key Takeaways

Emphasizing Your Key Learnings

Introduction to Azure Cost Management

Cost Management, Billing, and Tools for Azure

Pricing and Subscription Models for Azure

Best Methods, Tips, and Techniques

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