Landscape of Cybersecurity in the Age of COVID19


A description of how Covid19 has enhanced the associated dangers.
cybersecurity and how the appropriate security measures may aid
Security postures are improved by teams.

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Online networks continue to be a breeding ground for ransomware and phishing attempts as Covid19 expands its worldwide reach. Cyber Attackers are revelling in their success. With over 9000 corona-themed assaults in India in three months and around 19 million comparable attacks in Asia around the same period, it is clear that a massive cybersecurity catastrophe is imminent. In reality, assaults like phishing, malware, ransomware, and DDOS-for-ransom are on the increase.

Cybersecurity demands both awareness and prompt action. Businesses are required to implement enhanced end-to-end security measures, new authentication techniques, and monitoring services across numerous settings. The moment has come for businesses to prioritize the whole threat lifecycle for improved planning, remediation, and recovery.

Cloud computing is the key to the security and longevity of your organization. With cloud-based technology, it’s time for a total restructuring of the corporate structure and a paradigm change.

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Technological constraints in the context of work from home and how to overcome such obstacles are discussed.

To achieve success, spreading employee knowledge and strengthening the security architecture should be a collective effort.

Cloud-based solutions are the key to your data's security in an environment of diverse work cultures.

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