California Based Health Insurance Company

Patient No-Show Rate

Down 11% From Average

Revenue Realization Rate

94% Per Week

Hours Saved

5 Per Week


The client’s company was increasing at a tremendous rate, making it challenging to manage the expanding customer base. The time and resources required to serve the expanding client base have to increase proportionally. Therefore, they want to reevaluate their operating methods in order to increase service efficiency without excessively increasing prices or sacrificing quality. They asked us to tackle these difficulties and provide long-term scalability assistance.


There were several obstacles that needed to be overcome. It was as follows:

Timely generation of paper aUnderstanding the client's work process, customizing a more efficient work flow, and assigning a specialised staff to carry out these tasks.and electronic claims.
Prioritizing activities depending on their degree of urgency or relevance
Enhancing the quality control procedure to eliminate errors
Maintaining cost and time management


We designed a solution to guarantee that all customer needs were satisfied. We addressed all difficulties in advance in the following manner:

Create a workflow map to design processes with almost no bottlenecks and to find areas for improvement.
Developing a specialised back-office staff to assist the client's internal team with process flow and time-consuming chores.
A project manager was chosen to serve as a single point of contact and to ensure the timely implementation of plans.
Create a multi-tiered quality control team of of specialists with differing degrees of experience and competence.
We classified jobs according to their degree of significance and transferred them to specialised teams.

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