Teleradiology: California Based Medical Imaging Firm

Decreasing the turnaroud time to between

12 - 24 Hours

Realizing Cost Saving by at least


Improve Billing Efficiency By



The client desired a partnership with a dependable teleradiology service provider in order to reduce their turnaround time to between 12 and 24 hours. They sought a partner with vast expertise in providing numerous imaging techniques, such as X-rays, ultrasound, oncology, MRI, CT, etc. Their objective was to eliminate all backlogs quickly, and they need constant back office help to do it. After considering our expertise, they chose to collaborate with us.


While providing the necessary back office support services to our customer, we had to devise and execute a strategy to address the following obstacles:

To identify bottlenecks to swiftly eliminate any backlogs.
To create an efficient procedure that reduces turnaround time to less than 24 hours.
Become familiar with the client's PACS system.


By thoroughly examining the client’s needs, we were able to formulate a well-defined strategy for overcoming any obstacles. The strategy was as follows:

To increase compliance, we designed a new checklist-based work plan and ran every outsourced need via a QC team.
In order to familiarise our employees with the client's PACS software, we planned a comprehensive training session.
To assure the delivery of an accurate, quick, and trustworthy teleradiology service, we assembled an exclusive group of trained and seasoned radiologists.
We redefined the process flow by identifying bottlenecks and devising efficient solutions for removing them.
We utilized cutting-edge radiological technology to accelerate the imaging and examination process and save time.

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