Customer Engagement For Transformative Digital Experiences

Salesforce customer engagement for revolutionary digital experiences

Call For Change

Prioritizing the Customer

Pacific Life is a significant Fortune 500 life insurance and retirement solutions firm with over $200 billion in assets in the United States. The 1868-founded corporation offers life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, and other financial products to individuals, organisations, and pension systems. Pacific Life collaborates with a network of independent financial advisors that market these products directly to end consumers.

With an eye toward the future, Pacific Life wants to stay relevant in the digital era and to be well-positioned for continued success over the next 150 years. But first, they would have to overcome obstacles like as growing competition from new FinTech and InsureTech entrants, ageing infrastructure, dynamic distribution channels, and shifting client expectations.

Our objective was to function as a single entity with insight into all interactions.
ROB GOODMAN, Vice President – Customer Experience Office, Pacific Life

Reimagining core products and revamping a product-focused operating model would enable Pacific Life and its partners to market and sell in new ways. Pacific Life’s leadership understood that investing in digital transformation solutions was the key to shifting the company’s focus from products to customer needs, and more importantly, to being able to meet those needs.

When Tech Meets Human Inventiveness

One fresh global perspective

Pacific Life desired to establish a single technology platform in order to automate its operations, provide seamless and tailored client experiences, and operate more effectively. They selected CDWT and Salesforce as the partners to facilitate this digital transition from program conception through delivery.
Pacific Life, Salesforce, and CDWT engaged in a design thinking exercise to envision how the company’s product set and capabilities may be improved to generate the maximum value. During this fundamental exercise, the Pacific Life team gained a deeper understanding of how Salesforce solutions will help them achieve their business objectives.

The team determined that an innovative package of solutions, comprising an enterprise sales, service, and marketing transformation, would provide Pacific Life with the digital capabilities necessary to create customer and advisor connections and enhance interactions. Pacific Life’s final solution was based on the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and also featured Marketing Cloud, CRM Analytics, MuleSoft, and other Salesforce ecosystem technologies.
Educating the Pacific Life staff on how to utilize and use these new technological tools was crucial to their success. CDWT assisted in establishing a Center of Excellence (COE) operating model that defined programme roles (including scrum masters and product owners), programme structure, agile training, delivery methodology, cadences, and routines.

The last phase included the creation of a transformation road map that specified the release order across several divisions including sales, service, and marketing. A global delivery strategy enabled the team to offer roadmap-aligned capabilities over a series of sprints.

Pacific Life has a solid foundation for the next 150 years thanks to its new unified digital platform for enhancing engagement with financial professionals and customers.
MIKE WALLIS, Managing Director – CDWT’s North American Salesforce Insurance Business

A Valuable Difference

Developing Technology.

Throughout the change, Pacific Life experienced numerous notable “firsts.” It was one of the first instances that the company’s life insurance and retirement solutions successfully collaborated on a large-scale transition, signifying a successful enterprise-wide transformation. It was also one of the first cloud projects, software-as-a-service programs, and agile programs that used a worldwide delivery strategy at scale.

In order to pave the way to digital excellence, five major releases and over twenty minor releases of the solution set were successfully delivered. Notably, more than six distinct user groups spanning life insurance and retirement have been migrated to the platform and may now communicate on a single, unified platform without difficulty.

With the effective delivery of these releases, Pacific Life provided its whole company with a single, complete perspective of client demands. Understanding the breadth and depth of customer relationships across the organization, as well as the specific nuances and needs of each individual customer, enables Pacific Life to keep up with customers’ rapidly changing preferences and proactively meet their needs through the most appropriate channel. Pacific Life can measure lead-to-sale conversions and utilize predictive analytics to determine the optimal next step in a number of sales and service situations. Using data-driven analytics to improve consumer targeting and segmentation, the organization is decreasing customer attrition, increasing lead volume and conversions, strengthening wholesaler productivity, boosting operational efficiency, and optimising campaign efficacy.

The Salesforce platform of Pacific Life has shown to be robust and scalable, while also being flexible and agile enough to develop iteratively as Pacific Life’s demands change and to act as a foundation for ongoing, continuous transformation. CDWT is pleased to have assisted Pacific Life on this journey and to have maintained supporting Pacific Life’s Salesforce Platform so that the company may continue to get daily value from the platform and the Salesforce ecosystem.

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