Creating a Sense of Belonging

A worldwide retailer and CDWT collaborated to develop a multiyear inclusion and diversity plan to foster a stronger feeling of belonging among its employees.

Call For Change

The commercial world has become more personal. Consequently, an increasing number of companies strive to foster an inclusive climate

One multinational store with thousands of workers endeavored to build a more inclusive workplace where individuals could flourish in a culture of belonging, but first had to identify actionable possibilities.

The organization wanted to use data-driven insights to steer its inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy and improve the employee experience. To attain these objectives, the company was aware that it would need to examine its HR processes and determine ways to eliminate prevalent types of prejudice inside businesses.

The business assembled a diverse group of CDWT professionals to form a team. This team would work closely together to undertake a scan of certain HR processes, co-create a multiyear I&D plan and roadmap, and eventually implement initiatives to foster a better feeling of belonging and accomplish its I&D objectives.

When Tech Meets Human Inventiveness

The organization opted to begin by identifying prevalent examples of unintentional bias in HR processes.

This required a comprehensive study to identify possible hotspots across certain HR procedures, identify opportunities to improve the employee experience, and deliver insight-driven suggestions.

To establish whether or not the company’s HR practises were as fair as feasible for all workers, the team:

Not developing a culture of inclusivity might result in workers feeling unwelcome. We assist businesses in fostering a stronger feeling of belonging by providing them with the skills and strategy to identify prevalent kinds of inadvertent prejudice.

Alignment on which processes to analyse, identification of accessible staff sources, and confirmation of the scan's methodology.

Alignment on which processes to analyse, identification of accessible staff sources, and confirmation of the scan's methodology. Led an investigation to identify prevalent kinds of unintentional bias, conducted workshops to assess process alignment vs leading HR practises, and found opportunities to minimise prejudice and promote more inclusion.

Prioritized prospects based on the identified areas, and suggestions to co-create with the customer a multiyear strategic I&D road map.

A Valuable Difference

CDWT developed a customizable analytics platform, supported by its I&D frameworks and expertise, to identify the degree and relevance of bias inside businesses.

This assists organizations in identifying the areas with the most effect on which to concentrate their efforts in order to eliminate prejudice.

The solution enables the organization to adopt a more targeted, equal approach towards all workers, with special consideration for marginalized groups.

The firm is implementing measures that might lead to improved engagement, less attrition, and enhanced productivity, as well as a more engaged workforce, more inclusive workplace, and a stronger feeling of belonging for all of its employees.