Florida Based Medical Group

Patient No-Show Rate

Down 16% From Average

Revenue Realization Rate

95% Per Week

Hours Saved

6 Per Week


Our customer desired a partnership to simplify their medical billing operations. It was necessary to lower their AR days and ensure a regular flow of charges. In addition, they asked us to resolve any claims-related concerns and enrollment


We used our knowledge and experience to identify their obstacles. Their difficulties included

A high level of irregularity in the flow of charges, resulting in a buildup of claims.
Insufficient follow-up on allegations
Processing of claims is delayed owing to a coding issue.
Refusal of claims on the basis of authorization problems
Claims not handled in accordance with the contract, thereby breaking its rules.
Problems with enrollment, resulting in a rise in denied claims.
System difficulties resulting in underpayment or nonpayment of claims


The difficulties we faced required a well-defined strategy. We conducted an exhaustive analysis of the obstacles and proposed acceptable solutions. We adopted the following approaches to address the problems:

We identified the key causes of inadequate or nonpayment for medical practitioners.
Our specialists have established a well-organized reporting system.
We communicated and followed up well through telephone and email.
We optimized all aspects of their medical billing practice's process.
We establish goals to guarantee streamlined workflow procedures.
Proposed lasting remedies and escalated problems when necessary

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