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Down 19% From Average

Revenue Realization Rate

93% Per Week

Hours Saved

7 Per Week


The customer desired an all-inclusive medical billing system that adheres to NUCC, CMS, and HIPAA regulations. The customer also anticipated meeting the processing and policy requirements of the insurance company.


To satisfy the client’s demands, we had to help them in overcoming the following obstacles:

Timely generation of paper and electronic claims.
Accurate and timely entry of charges
Encourage commercial and government health insurance coverage via co-payments, guarantors, and other means.
Assist in conforming to relevant standards, such as CPT, HIPAA, etc.


We designed a billing system that meets all client requirements. The remedy included the following:

We cooperated with physicians to record patient service information and transmitted it to payers.
The co-payment, facility, case, and accident records were maintained with meticulous care.
Claims were created in accordance with NUCC specifications.
A quality team was formed to evaluate the produced invoices.
In the modifiers, the minor services given in addition to the CPT were detailed.
In addition, we allow the transmission of electronic claims, patient statements, and recordings.
On the basis of the transaction type, insurance payments, debit or credit balance adjustments, denials or transfers, and write-offs might be executed.
Charge capture was performed with precision.

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