AXA Bank Belgium

Personalizing experiences to promote expansion

Call For Change

Transforming data for achievement

AXA Bank Belgium engaged CDWT as a possible partner to help the bank achieve its objective of becoming a leading data-driven company by modernising its data architecture. The bank was prepared to confront impending difficulties and become an even more flexible business in response to shifting client demands.

AXA Bank Belgium was required to adapt its data architecture and further modernize data collecting and use for this aim. This is where CDWT came into play.

CDWT prioritized two primary elements while developing a comprehensive data strategy for AXA Bank Belgium:

Develop commercial activities that are data-driven by harnessing even more accessible data to improve decision-making.
Enhance current data collection throughout each customer encounter in order to get reliable operational data insights.
CDWT places a strong emphasis on the business results of our customers, and we are grateful that AXA Bank Belgium entrusted us with their data-driven bank transformation.
CDWT Strategy & Consulting Client Group Lead

When Tech Meets Human Inventiveness

The effective deployment of the data architecture required the unambiguous commitment of both businesses’ boards to good governance, in addition to the hard work of the AXA Bank Belgium and CDWT teams. Together, they established foundation layers, modified old processes, and created new business use cases for vision creation, capability development, data governance capabilities, an operational model, and a layer for aggregating consumer insights.

In addition, they reconstructed the current data platform as an integrated data warehouse and included a self-service reporting layer, data exposure layer, and near real-time data patterns.

The bank’s data strategy and capabilities were successfully transformed as a result of the ongoing combined efforts and cooperation. The bank’s ability to obtain consumer insights, provide business value, improve the data governance-operating model to fulfil regulatory compliances, and assist the alignment of the roadmap with the business plan has been facilitated by joining forces.

The smooth cooperation between AXA Bank Belgium and the CDWT team allowed us to harness our expertise and cutting-edge data understanding to perfectly execute the various streams.
Technical Account Lead, CDWT

A Valuable Difference

Delivering data-driven outcomes

The path of AXA Bank Belgium to become a data-driven industry leader has been a significant achievement.

This multi-year collaboration used CDWT’s data architecture and new technology knowledge to equip the bank’s data operations. Due to the efforts of the AXA Bank Belgium and CDWT teams, the bank can now harness trusted and operational data insights to allow data-driven activities that benefit both customers and the company, providing the bank a competitive edge.

This result would not have been achieved without AXA Bank Belgium and CDWT's outstanding teamwork. Transitioning and strengthening capabilities at our organization along the road, as well as working as a unified unit towards a single objective, were vital to our success.
AXA Bank Belgium CIO