SAP On The Cloud

Defining the Future of Business

Examine the Must-Dos for Selecting the Appropriate Cloud Platform
together with Solution Blend for Your SAP Workloads

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Cloud is more dominant than ever on the market. According to Gartner, “as cloud computing becomes more widespread through 2022, it will control an ever-increasing share of business IT choices.”

Therefore, does your company strategy centre on SAP on Cloud migration?

To prepare for the future, businesses are contemplating transferring their S/4 HANA workloads to the cloud. The CIO’s road map to the cloud extends beyond cost benefits for optimum performance and increased staff productivity. The issue over cost as the primary emphasis of cloud migration is no longer the main focus. For a successful migration, organisations need simply remember three mantras: Clarity on Requirements, Focus on Function, and Attention to Performance.

In addition, after the plan has been formulated, enterprises must choose the appropriate cloud platform and partner to fulfil the promise.

Key Takeaways

Emphasizing Your Key Learnings

CIOs Roadmap to Cloud Goes Past Price Advantage.

Public, Private or Hybrid cloud - CIOs must align their approach for the long run business objectives.

Cloud MSPs give a vital role in achieving cost & performance advantages

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