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Managed Solutions

Many firms are unable to operate their own IT systems due to resource constraints. Their best hope is to employ a “managed service provider (MSP)” to care after and deliver managed solutions. By outsourcing these services, the MSP will operate, monitor, and maintain their individual IT infrastructures.

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Some of the key reasons why managed network services are critical in today’s enterprises. Controlling IT costs by eliminating an in-house IT team, gaining access to well-tested and up-to-date technical know-how, connecting with qualified IT experts with extensive experience, strengthening network security, 24/7 monitoring resulting in fast response and low down time, and ensuring data backups are just a few of the many benefits that managed services provide.

To fulfil the demands of the new applications, networks have developed from simple Aloha technology to complex Software Defined Networking. Network administrators are moving away from conventional network solutions and eagerly anticipating the arrival of analytical networks, which not only give them the capacity to analyse various traffic patterns but also give them the assurance to choose the best course of action for predictive application load. At EW inc., we strive to earn our clients’ trust by offering straightforward answers to challenging network-related problems.

You may have more options and management over your wired network with the help of our unified access network solution. It also allows for network analytics, connection, security, and layer 3 over LAN. Our system offers full connection over both copper and fibre optic networks. It also promises seamless operation between speeds of 1 Gbps and 100 Gbps. Additionally, we provide a full suite of wired connectivity options, from campus-wide networks to enterprise-grade switches in data centres. Our knowledge and experience will provide you the assurance you need to conquer any access network solution and accomplish your company’s goals.

In addition to allowing for rapid branch solution deployment, cost reduction, end-to-end integration, software-defined connection, optimization, management, and compatibility of WAN protocols are just some of the benefits you’ll reap from using our smart WAN solutions. With our WAN Management service, you can control your whole WAN network. Our service also improves such aspects of your network as bandwidth, usage, quality of service, and redundancy.

Our innovative Data Center solution combines storage, computation, networking, virtualization, and administration into a single platform. Help reach corporate objectives and goals. Data Center-class switching provides infrastructure scalability, business continuity, and technological integration. We construct data centre networks based on nexus switching, which supports LAN, SAN, NAS, and Overlay transport Protocols. Our Data Center technology transcends regional borders and allows for seamless connectivity between the PR and DR sides.

Empower The World offers the #1 application optimization solution for Hybrid WAN. WAN optimization improves application, network, and end-user visibility. IT can analyse and resolve problems before affecting users by integrating network, application, and end user performance measurements. The solution’s application-aware methodology, comprehensive set of network services, and path selection based on intent-based, business-driven, global regulations with local enforcement increase control to allow business agility..