SAP on Azure

The Proven Path to Enterprise-Ready Cloud Innovation

It is time to make the choice and begin planning the migration of your SAP systems and apps to a global hyperscale public cloud if you want to be a leader in your industry.

Whitepaper At Glance

SAP on Azure refers to the transfer of SAP systems to the Azure cloud platform provided by Microsoft. It is the product of a strategic agreement between Microsoft and SAP focused at accelerating the digital transformation of businesses.
As an Azure Expert MSP, CDWT has extensive experience managing mission-critical, complex, and big SAP environments on Azure.
With expertise in migrating and administering the whole suite of SAP apps, as well as best-in-class support on Microsoft Azure, we allow businesses to migrate in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.
This whitepaper gives a comprehensive examination of SAP migration, beginning with the assessment process and ending with the post-migration phase, as well as how we can assist change your organisation and prepare your team for success.

Here are the main justifications for downloading the whitepaper

Emphasizing Your Key Learnings


about SAP HANA and the Cloud


the right infrastructure for SAP HANA

Deep Dive

into SAP on Azure


the need for a Cloud Adoption Framework


current and future SAP structures

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